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NAGOYA Repository


NAGOYA Repository

Institutional Repository of Nagoya University


Takagi Family Documents Digital Library
Takagi Family Documents Digital Library (in JAPANESE)

Documents passed down to the Takagi Family, retainers for a local gentry family in Minonokuni including around 100 thousand documents relating to Kisogawa River flood controls, governance and finances of the territory’s villages,etc.


Ito Keisuke Collection
Ito Keisuke Collection

The Ito Keisuke Collection belonging to the library attached has a collection of 188 manuscripts by Keisuke Ito, who is called the father of modern Japanese botany. The collection includes Kinka Shokubutsu Zusetsu, Kinka Gyofu and Kinka Chufu. Kinka is his pen name.

Dawn of Modern Medical Science
Digital Archive of the Dawn of Modern Medical Science

Database of books and photos about history of Medical School of Nagoya University, medical history, also include tools of modern medical science.

Digital Exhibition : "Jigoku monogatari" no sekai

Spring exhibition 2006


Digital Exhibition : Kosho ha kataru

Spring exhibition 2002

Kotenseki Descriptive Database(in JAPANESE)

Databases of old books held by Nagoya University, describing bibliography, additionally contents and comments.

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