経済学図書室所蔵 ワーキングペーパー一覧(海外)

Discussion paper / Harvard University, Harvard Institute of Economic Research

10311984.1Discontinuity and the Theory of International MigrationOded Stark
10331984.1The Effects of Interest Rates on Mortgage PrepaymentsJerry R. Green, John B. Shoven
10341984.1The Regional Income Effects of Natural Gas Decontrol: The Northwest v. the Rest of the U.S.Susan Bender, Joseph P. Kalt, Henry Lee
10351984.2Why Have Short-Term Interest Rates Been So High?Richard H. Clarida, Benjamin M. Friedman
10371984.2A Model of the Nuisance SuitD. Rosenberg, S. Shavell
10401984.2On a Theorem of SchmeidlerAndreu Mas-Colell
10411984.2A Model of Regional Income Accrual under Energy Price DecontrolJoseph P. Kalt, Robert A. Leone
10421984.3The After Tax Rate of Return Affects Private SavingsLawrence H. Summers
10441984.3Property Values and Economic Efficiency in a Model of Overlapping JurisdictionsSuzanne Scotchmer
10461984.3A Question of BalanceBarry J. Nalebuff
10481984.3The Experience and Earnings of Men and Women at the End of the 19th CenturyBarry Eichengreen
10501984.4Real Exchange Rate Effects of Fiscal PolicyJeffrey Sachs, Charles Wyplosz
10511984.4International Migration under Asymmetric InformationOded Stark, Eliakim Katz
10521984.4Growth, Equality and HistoryPeter H. Lindert, Jeffrey G. Williamson
10541984.4Bequests and Social Security with Uncertain LifetimesAndrew B. Abel
10551984.3Bequests as a Means of PaymentB. Douglas Bernheim, Andrei Shleifer, Lawrence H. Summers
10561984.3New Evidence that Taxes Affect the Valuation of DividendsJames M. Poterba, Lawrence H. Summers
10571984.5Embargo Threats and the Management of Emergency ReservesClas Bergström, Glenn C. Loury, Mats Persson
10581984.5Cprrecting for Truncation Bias Caused by a Latent Truncation WariableDavid E. Bloom, Mark R. Killingworth
10611984.5Internally Directed Action for Black Community Development: The Next Frontier for "The Movement"Glenn C. Loury
10621984.5Preference Revelation and Hedonic Price DataSuzanne Scotchmer
10631984.5Asymmetric Equilibrium in the War of AttritionBarry Nalebuff, John Riley
10641984.5The Economic Effects of Dividend TaxationJames M. Poterba, Lawrence H. Summers
10651984.6Incentive Theory with Data CompressionJerry R. Green, Jean-Jacques Laffont
10671984.6Inventories, Stock-Outs, and Production SmoothingAndrew B. Abel
10701984.7Diversification Strategy and Choice of Country: Diversifying Acquisitions Abroad by U.S. Multinationals, 1978-1980Karen B. Hisey, Richard E. Caves
10711984.7Uncertainty in Model Based Seasonal Adjustment Procedures, Bounds on Mean Square Error and Construction of Minimax FiltersMark W. Watson
10721984.7The Long-Term Effect of Current Macroeconomic PoliciesLawrence H. Summers
10741984.8Common AgencyB. Douglas Bernheim, Michael D. Whinston
10751984.8Coalition-Proof Nash EquilibriaB. Douglas Bernheim, Michael D. Whinston
10761984.8Are Business Cycles Symmetric?J. Bradford DeLong, Lawrence H. Summers
10771984.8The Changing Cyclical Variability of Economic Activity in the United StatesJ. Bradford DeLong, Lawrence H. Summers
10791984.8Menu Auctions, Resource Allocation and Economic InfluenceB. Douglas Bernheim, Michael D. Whinston
10801984.8Exchange Rate Expectations and Interest Parity during Credibility Crises: The French Franc, March 1983Susan M. Collins
10811984.8International Policy Coordination in Historical Perspective: A View from the Interwar YearsBarry Eichengreen
10831984.9Infinitely Repeated Games with Discounting: A General TheoryDilip Abreu
10851984.9Irish Immigration, Elastic Labor Supplies and Crowding-out during the British Industrial Revolution 1821-1861Jeffrey G. Williamson
10871984.10The Urban Transition in England, 1776-1871: A Demographic RecpnstructionJeffrey G. Williamson
10881984.10Efficiency versus Equity in Economic Policy AnalysisDale W. Jorgenson
10891984.10Two-Tier Pricing of Shared Facilities in a Free Entry EquilibriumSuzanne Scotchmer
10901984.10Optimal Cartel Equilibria with Imperfect MonitoringDilip Abreu, David Pearce, Ennio Stacchetti
10911984.10Synfuels Subsidies, Exhaustible Resources and Monopsony PowerLawrence H. Goulder, Marc S. Robinson
10921984.10The Persistence of Volatility and Stock Market FluctuationsJames M. Poterba, Lawrence H. Summers
10931984.10Adjusting the Cross Change Data: Implications for Labor Market DynamicsJames M. Poterba, Lawrence H. Summers
10941984.10Consumption Taxes, Foresight and Welfare: A Computable General Equilibrium AnalysisCharles L. Ballard, Lawrence H. Goulder
10951984.10Issues in the Appraisal of Energy Projects for Oil-Importing Developing CountriesSudhir Anand, Barry Nalebuff
10961984.10What Unions Do: Evidence, Interpretation, and Directions for ResearchRichard B. Freeman, James L. Medoff
10971984.10Estimating the Long-Run Relationship between Interest Rates and Inflation: A Response to McCallumLawrence H. Summers
10981984.10Common Marketing Agency as a Device for Facilitating CollusionB. Douglas Bernheim, Michael D. Whinston
10991984.10Tariffs vs. Quotas with Endogenous QualityKala Krishna
11001984.10On Private Charity and AltruismOded Stark
11011984.11The Derived Demand for Shared FacilitiesSuzanne Scotchmer
11021984.11Exchange Rates and Economic Recovery in the 1930sBarry Eichengreen, Jeffrey Sachs
11031984.11The Great Transition: Energy and Economic ChangeDale W. Jorgenson
11051984.11The Cost of Job Loss and the Incidence of StrikesJuliet B. Schor, Samuel Bowles
11061984.11Property Values and Economic Efficiency: Nash Equilibrium in Balanced-Budget PoliciesSuzanne Scotchmer
11071984.11Tax Policy and Capital AllocationDale W. Jorgenson, Kun-Young Yun
11081984.11Posterior Implementability in a Two-Person Decision ProblemJerry R. Green, Jean-Jacques Laffont
11101984.11Brothers and Sisters in the Family and Labor MarketJohn Bound, Zvi Grilliches, Bronwyn H. Hall
11111984.11Capital Accumulation and Uncertain Lifetimes with Adverse SelectionAndrew B. Abel
11121984.11Dynamic Behavior of Capital Accumulation in a Cash-in-Advance ModelAndrew B. Abel
11131984.11Comparing Alternative Tests in Non-Linear Regression ModelsChristopher L. Cavanagh
11141984.11The Second-Order Inefficiency of the Efficient Score TestChristopher L. Cavanagh, Thomas J. Rothenberg
11151984.11The Smoot-Hawley Tariff and the Start of the DepressionBarry Eichengreen
11161984.12Protection and the Prpduct Line: Monopoly and Product QualityKala Krishna
11171984.12Models of Firm Behavior under Minimum Wage LegislationDavid E. Bloom, Gilles Grenier
11181984.12On the Nature and Estimation of Age, Period, and Cohort Effects in Demographic DataDavid E. Bloom
11191984.12Trade Restrictions as Facilitating PracticesKala Krishna
11201984.12The Wwlfare and Competitive Effects of Natural Gas PricingJoseph P. Kalt
11211984.12On the Shadow Wage of Urban Jobs in LDCsOded Stark, Eliakim Katz
11221984.12On Agglomeration Economies and Optimal MigrationVibhooti Shulka, Oded Stark
11281985.1The Historical Content of the Classical Labor Surplus ModelJeffrey G. Williamson
11291985.1Firm Size, Financial Structure, and Market Structure: A Study Based on Intraindustry DifferencesRichard E. Caves, Thomas A. Pugel
11301985.1Interindustry Differences in Productivity Growth and Technical InefficiencyRichard E. Caves
11311985.1International Trade and Industrial Organization: Problems, Solved and UnsolvedRichard E. Caves
11321985.2The Bank of France and the Sterilization of Gold, 1926-1932Barry Eichengreen
11351985.2The Short Run and Long Run Benefits of Environmental ImprovementSuzanne Scotchmer
11361985.2From Survey to Sample: Labor Market Data for Interwar LondonBarry Eichengreen, Susan Freiwald
11371985.2Institutional Change and Labor Market Adjustment in the United StatesDavid E. Bloom, Steven M. Bloom
11381985.3Modeling Indian Migration and City Growth 1960-2000Charles M. Becker, Edwin S. Mills, Jeffrey G. Williamson
11391985.3Asymptotic Efficiency Calculations for the Partial Likelihood EstimatorAaron K. Han
11411985.3The Impact of Domestic Regulatory Policies on International CompetitivenessJoseph P. Kalt
11421985.3Recursive Solution Methods for Dynamic Linear Rational Expectations ModelsMark W. Watson
11431985.4Motivations to Remit: Evidence from BotswannaRobert E.B. Lucas, Oded Stark
11451985.4Portfolio Choice and the Debt-to-Income RelationshipBenjamin M. Friedman
11461985.4The Urban Transition during the First Industrial Revolution: England, 1776-1871Jeffrey G. Williamson
11471985.4Marriage Patterns in the United StatesDavid E. Bloom, Neil Bennett
11481985.4Second Order Admissibility of Likelihood Based TestsC. L. Cavanagh
11491985.4A Modified Multinomial Logit ModelC. L. Cavanagh
11501985.4An Analysis of the Selection of ArbitratorsDavid E. Bloom, Christopher L. Cavanagh
11511985.4Market Structure, Vertical Integration, and Long-Term Contracts in the (Partially) Deregulated Natural Gas IndustryJoseph P. Kalt
11551985.5Labour Migration and Risk Aversion in LDCsEliakim Katz, Oded Stark
11561985.5Input Versus Output Incentive SchemesEric Maskin, John Riley
11571985.6The Potential: A New Approach to the Value in Multi-Person Allocation ProblemsSergiu Hart, Andreu Mas-Colell
11581985.6Univariate Detrending Method with Stochastic TrendsMark W. Watson
11591985.6Unemployment in Interwar Britain: A Microeconomic PerspectiveBarry Eichengreen
11631985.6Public Policy Implications of Declining Old Age MortalityJames M. Poterba, Lawrence H. Summers
11641985.6A Tax-Based Test for Nominal RigiditiesJames M. Poterba, Julio J. Rotemberg, Lawrence H. Summers
11651985.6Under and Overprovision of Local Public Goods in an Equilibrium: How Pecuniary Externalities MatterSuzanne Scotchmer
11661985.6The Impact of Unions on Labor Earnings and Hours at the End of the 19th CenturyBarry Eichengreen
11671985.7Extremal Equilibria of Oligopolistic SupergamesDilip Abreu
11681985.7The Price Equilibrium Existence Problem in Topological Vector LatticesAndreu Mas-Colell
11691985.7A Theory of Dual Labor Markets with Application to Industrial Policy, Discrimination and Keynesian UnemploymentJeremy I. Bulow, Lawrence H. Summers
11701985.7Issues in National Savings PolicyLawrence H. Summers
11711985.7City Immigration, Selectivity Bias and Human Capital Transfers during the British Industrial RevolutionJeffrey G. Williamson
11721985.8Did Rising Emigration Cause Fertility to Decline in 19th Century Rural England? Child Costs, Old-Age Pensions and Child DefaultJeffrey G. Williamson
11731985.7Nonparametic Analysis of a Generalized Regression Model: The Maximum Rank Correlation EstimatorAaron K. Han
11741985.7Is Increased Price Flexibility Stabilizing?J. Bradford Delong, Lawrence H. Summers
11751985.7Gibson's Paradox and the Gold StandardRobert B. Barsky, Lawrence H. Summers
11761985.9Migrant Earnings in Britain's Cities in 1851: Testing Competing Views of Urban Labor Market AbsorptionJeffrey G. Williamson
11771985.9Implementation through Sequential Unanimity GamesJerry R. Green, Jean-Jacques Laffont
11781985.9Poverty in America: Is Welfare the Answer or the Problem?David T. Ellwood, Lawrence H. Summers
11791985.9Taxation and the Size and Composition of the Capital Stock: An Asset Price ApproachLawrence H. Summers
11801985.9On 64% Majority RuleAndrew Caplin, Barry Nalebuff
11811985.9Inflation, Menu Costs and Endogenous Price VariabilityAndrew Caplin, Daniel F. Spulber
11821985.9A Nonparametric Analysis of TransformationsAaron K. Han
11831985.10Macroeconomics and HistoryBarry Eichengreen
11841985.10The Australian Recovery of the 1930's in International Comparative PerspectiveBarry Eichengreen
11851985.10Sequential Innovation and Market StructureJerry Green, Jean-Jacques Laffont
11861985.10Debt and Default in the 1930s: Causes and ConsequencesBarry Eichengreen, Richard Portes
11871985.10Applications of Kalman Filtering in EconometricsRobert F. Engle, Mark W. Watson
11881985.10Exporting Behawior and Market Structure: Evidence from the United StatesRichard E. Caves
11891985.10Mergers and Bidders' Wealth: Managerial and Strategic FactorsVictor L. You, Richard E. Caves, James S. Henry, Michael M. Smith
11901985.10The Changing Behavior of the Term Structure of Interest RatesN. Gregory Mankiw, Jeffrey A. Miron
11911985.10Do We Reject too Often? Small Sample Properties of Tests of Rational Expectation ModelsN. Gregory Mankiw, Matthew D. Shapiro
11921985.11Theoretical Aspects of Index NumbersSubramanian Swamy
11931985.11The United States as an Open EconomyRichard N. Cooper
11941985.11Eliciting Forecasts: A General Characterization of Scoring RulesKent Osband
11951985.12The Allocation of Credit and Financial CollapseN. Gregory Mankiw
11961985.12The Equity Premium and the Concentration of Aggregate ShocksN. Gregory Mankiw
11971985.12Technologtcal Opportunity and Spillovers of R&D: Evidence from Firms' Patents, Profits and Market ValueAdam B. Jaffe
11981985.12On Relaxing the Maximization PostulateHarvey Leibenstein
11991985.12Large Sample Properties of Nonparametric Estimators in Generalized Regression ModelsAaron K. Han
12001985.12Conducttng the International Orchestra the Bank of England and Strategic Interdependence under the Classical Gold StandardBarry Eichengreen
12011985.12Intergenerational and Efficiency Effects of Tax- and Bond-Financed Changes in Government SpendingLawrence H. Goulder
12021986.1The Employer Size Wage EffectCharles Brown, James L. Medoff
12031986.1Understanding 1921-1927 (Inflation and Economic Growth in the 1920s)Barry Eichengreen
12041986.1Aggregate Savings in the Presence of Private and Social InsuranceAndrew B. Abel
12051986.1Errors in Variables in Panel DataZvi Griliches, Jerry A. Hausman
12061986.1Content Protection and Oligopolistic InteractionsKala Krishna, Motoshige Itoh
12071986.2How to Pay Forecasters When Learning Is CostlyKent Osband
12081986.2Population Growth, Labor Supply, and Employment in Developing CountriesDavid E. Bloom, Richard B. Freeman
12091986.2Did British Labor Markets Fail during the Industrial Revolution?Jeffrey G. Williamson
12101986.2Issues in Keynesian Macroeconomics: A Review EssayN. Gregory Mankiw
12111986.2Cooperating AdversariesOded Stark
12121986.2Remittances and InequalityOded Stark, J. Edward Taylor, Shlomo Yitzhaki
12131986.2The Earnings of Skilled and Unskilled Immigrants at the End of the Nineteenth CenturyBarry Eichengreen, Henry A. Gemery
12141986.2Pairwise Rank Marginal Likelihood Estimator in General Transformation ModelsAaron K. Han
12151986.2General Equilibrium Analysis of Natural Gas Price RegulationDale W. Jorgenson, Daniel T. Slesnick
12161986.2Empirical Models of Arbitrator Behavior under Conventional ArbitrationDavid E. Bloom
12171986.2Productivity and Growth of Sectoral Output in the United States, 1948-1979Dale W. Jorgenson, Frank M. Gollop, Barbara M. Fraumeni
12181986.3What Have We Learned from Historical Comparisons of Income and Productivity?Barry Eichengreen
12191986.3Disadvantageous Oil Tariffs and Dynamic ConsistencyEric Maskin, David Newbery
12201986.3Market Share Inertia with More Than Two Firms: An Existence ProblemSuzanne Scotchmer
12211986.3Mixed Clubs: Pareto Optimality, the Core and CompetitionSuzanne Scotchmer, Myrna Holtz Wooders
12221986.3Testing for Common TrendsJames H. Stock, Mark W. Watson
12231986.4The "Youth Problem": Age or Generational Crowding?David E. Bloom, Richard B. Freeman
12241986.4An Analysis of Alternative Mechanisms for Selecting ArbitratorsDavid E. Bloom, Christopher L. Cavanagh
12251986.4Why Capitalism Underproduces Leisure: The Economics of Output-BiasJuliet B. Schor
12261986.4The Measurement of Social WelfareDale W. Jorgenson, Daniel T. Slesnick
12271986.4Redistributional Policy and the Elimination of PovertyDale W. Jorgenson, Daniel T. Slesnick
12281986.4News or Noise? Revisions of the Preliminary Gross National Product DataN. Gregory Mankiw, Matthew D. Shapiro
12291986.4Ricardian Consumers with Keynesian PropensitiesRobert B. Barsky, N. Gregory Mankiw, Stephen P. Zeldes
12301986.4Computer Simulation Models of Urban LocationJohn F. Kain
12311986.5Toward a Theory of Discounted Repeated Games with Imperfect MonitoringDilip Abreu, David Pearce, Ennio Stacchetti
12321986.4Debating the British Industrial RevolutionJeffrey G. Williamson
12331986.5Equity in Tax EnforcementSuzanne Scotchmer
12341986.5Principals with Private Information, I: Independent ValuesEric Maskin, Jean Tirole
12351986.5Entrepreneurship, Entrepreneurial Training and X-Efficiency TheoryHarvey Leibenstein
12361986.5Nonanonymous Crowding: The Core with a Continuum of AgentsSuzanne Scotchmer
12371986.5Do We Really Know that Financial Markets Are Efficient?Lawrence H. Summers
12381986.5Tax IncidenceLaurence J. Kotlikoff, Lawrence H. Summers
12391986.5Notes on the Tax Treatment of StructuresRobert H. Gordon, James R. Hines Jr., Lawrence H. Summers
12401986.5Hysteresis and the European Unemployment ProblemOlivier J. Blanchard, Lawrence H. Summers
12411986.5The Contribution of Intergenerational Transfers to Total Wealth: A ReplyLaurence J. Kotlikoff, Lawrence H. Summers
12421986.5An Analysis of the First Marriage Patterns of Canadian WomenGilles Grenier, David E. Bloom, D. Juliet Howland
12431986.5British Inequality during the Industrial Revolution: Accounting for the Kuznets CurveJeffrey G. Williamson
12441986.5The Political Economy of the Smoot-Hawley TariffBarry Eichengreen
12451986.5Migration and Urbanization in the Third WorldJeffrey G. Williamson
12461986.5Investment Incentives and the Discounting of Depreciation AllowancesLawrence H. Summers
12471986.6Efficiency Wages and the Wage StructureAlan B. Krueger, Lawrence H. Summers
12481986.5Measuring Income: What Kind Should Be in?David T. Ellwood, Lawrence H. Summers
12491986.6House Calls of the Money Doctor: The Kemmerer Missions to Latin America, 1917-1931Barry Eichengreen
12501986.5Competition on Many Fronts: A Stackelberg Signalling EquilibriumJerry Green, Jean-Jacques Laffont
12511986.7Optimal and Equilibrium GroupsSuzanne Scotchmer, Myrna Holtz Wooders
12521986.7Reflections on the Inter-Industry Wage StructureAlan B. Krueger, Lawrence H. Summers
12531986.7Bilateral Models of Production for Japanese and U.S. IndustriesDale W. Jorgenson, Hikaru Sakuramoto, Kanji Yoshioka, Masahiro Kuroda
12541986.7Japan-U.S. Industry-Level Productivity Comparisons, 1960-1979Dale W. Jorgenson, Masahiro Kuroda, Mieko Nishimizu
12551986.8Finite Lifetimes and the Crowding out Effects of Budget DeficitsJames M. Poterba, Lawrence H. Summers
12561986.8Tax Policy and International CompetitivenessLawrence H. Summers
12571986.8Consumer Spending and the After-Tax Real Interest RateN. Gregory Mankiw
12581986.8Government Purchases and Real Interest RatesN. Gregory Mankiw
12591986.9Roots Local to UnityC.L. Cavanagh
12601986.9Price Competition with a Distribution of Switch Costs and Reservation PricesJerry Green, Suzanne Scotchmer
12611986.9Industrial Policy and Trade Policy: The ConnectionsRichard E. Caves
12621986.9Transactional Influences on the Adjustment of Industries' Prices and OutputsRalph M. Bradburd, Richard E. Caves
12631986.9Persuasion or Information? Promotion and the Shares of Brand-Name and Generic PharmaceuticalsMark A. Hurwitz, Richard E. Caves
12641986.9The Structure of Nash Equilibrium in Repeated Games with Finite AutomataDilip Abreu, Ariel Rubinstein
12651986.9Hysteresis in UnemploymentOlivier J. Blanchard, Lawrence H. Summers
12661986.9Fiscal Increasing Returns, Hysteresis Real Wages and UnemploymentOlivier J. Blanchard, Lawrence H. Summers
12671986.9Errors of Measurement in Output DeflatorsFrank R. Lichtenberg, Zvi Grilliches
12681986.9Tax Policy and International CompetitivenessLawrence H. Summers
12691986.9The Divorce of the Banca D'Italia and the Italian Treasury: A Case Study of Central Bank IndependenceGerald A. Epstein, Juliet B. Schor
12701986.9A Theory of Dynamic Oligopoly, Parts I-IIIEric Maskin, Jean Tirole
12711986.10On Soviet Real Investment GrowthAbram Bergson
12721986.10Debt Problems and Macroeconomic PoliciesLawrence H. Summers
12731986.10Production Functions and VintagesDale W. Jorgenson
12741986.10The Oil Price Decline and Economic Growth in Japan and the U.S.Dale W. Jorgenson
12751986.10The Soviet Economy under Gorbachev: The Twelfth Five Year PlanAbram Bergson
12761986.10Capital as a Factor of ProductionDale W. Jorgenson
12771986.10The Economic Consequences of the Franc PoincaréBarry Eichengreen, Charles Wyplosz
12781986.10Some Skeptical Observations on Real Business Cycle TheoryLawrence H. Summers
12791986.11The Impact of the Corn Laws Just Prior to RepealJeffrey G. Williamson
12801986.10Discounted Repeated Games with Unobservable Actions, I: One-Sided Moral HazardDrew Fudenberg, Eric Maskin
12811986.11The Political Economy of Central BankingGerald A. Epstein, Juliet B. Schor
12821986.11On the Fair Allocation of Indivisible GoodsEric S. Maskin
12831986.11Permanent Homelessness in America?Richard B. Freeman, Brian Hall
12841986.11Why Is the Unemployment Rate so Very High Near Full Employment?Lawrence H. Summers
12851986.11The Value of Patents as Indicators of Inventive ActivityZvi Grilliches, Ariel Pakes, Bronwyn H. Hall
12861986.12Assessing Dynamic Efficiency: Theory and EvidenceAndrew B. Abel, N. Gregory Mankiw, Lawrence H. Summers, Richard J. Zeckhauser
12871986.12Did Henry Ford Pay Efficiency Wages?Daniel M. G. Raff, Lawrence H. Summers
12881986.12Individual Taxpayer Response to Tax Cuts 1982-1984 with Implications for the Revenue Maximizing Tax RateLawrence B. Lindsey
15351991.1Volume, Variety, and Versatility in Growth and TradeMartin L. Weitzman
15361991.1What Did You Learn in the World Today?Amartya Sen
15371991.1Wars and Famines: On Divisions and IncentivesAmartya Sen
15381991.1Moving toward Markets: Reform of the Distribution Sector in ChinaRichard H. Holton, Terry Sicular
15391991.2The Use and Misuse of Travel Forecasting Models in Developing Countries: The Teheran ExperienceJohn F. Kain
15401991.3The USSR before the Fall: How Poor and WhyAbram Bergson
15411991.3Real National Income Measurement: In Soviet PerspectiveAbram Bergson
15421991.3Linear Instrumental Variables Estimation of Average Treatment Effects in Nonlinear ModelsJoshua D. Angrist
15431991.3The Output of the Education SectorDale W. Jorgenson, Barbara M. Fraumeni
15441991.3The Effect of the New Minimum Wage Law in a Low-Wage Labor MarketLawrence F. Katz, Alan B. Krueger
15451991.3Efficient Estimation and Stratified SamplingGuido Imbens, Tony Lancaster
15461991.3An Efficient Method of Moments Estimator for Discrete Choice Models with Choice-Based SamplingGuido W. Imbens
15471991.3Changes in the Structure of Wages in the Public and Private SectorsLawrence F. Katz, Alan B. Krueger
15481991.4Capital Structure as a Bargaining Tool: The Role of Leverage in Contract RenegotiationEnrico C. Perotti, Kathryn E. Spier
15491991.4Rent Sharing in the Multi-Fibre Arrangement: Theory and Evidence from Us Apparel Imports from Hong KongKala Krishna, Refik Erzan
15501991.4Expertise and Incentives: The Structure of Attorneys' FeesJames D. Dana, Jr., Kathryn E. Spier
15511991.5Machinery Accumulation and Productivity Growth in the Very Long Run: A Five-Nation LookJ. Bradford De Long
15521991.5US Policy toward the Global EnvironmentRichard N. Cooper
15531991.5On DiversityMartin L. Weitzman
15541991.5Did J.P. Morgan's Men Add Value? An Economist's Perspective on Financial CapitalismJ. Bradford De Long
15551991.5The Company You Keep: The Effects of Family and Neighborhood on Disadvantaged YouthsAnne C. Case, Lawrence F. Katz
15561991.6On the Labor Effects of Immigration and TradeGeorge J. Borjas, Richard B. Freeman, Lawrence F. Katz
15571991.6Cheaper by the DozenCharles Brown, James L. Medoff
15581991.6Quantile Regression, Censoring, and the Structure of WagesGary Chamberlain
15591991.7Markets and FreedomsAmartya Sen
15601991.7Labor Market Integration and the Rural-Urban Wage Gap in HistoryTimothy J. Hatton, Jeffrey G. Williamson
15611991.7Moving to the Suburbs: Do Relocating Companies Leave Their Black Employees behind?Jeffrey S. Zax, John F. Kain
15621991.8Hand-to-Mouth Consumers and Asset PricesPhilippe Weil
15631991.8Precautionary Saving and Consumption Smoothing across Time and PossibilitiesMiles Kimball, Philippe Weil
15641991.8Equilibrium Asset Prices with Undiversifiable Labor Income RiskPhilippe Weil
15651991.8Asymmetric Information, Adjustment Costs and Market DynamicsAndrew Caplin, John Leahy
15661991.8The Optimality of Myopic Behavior in a Competitive Model of Entry and ExitJohn V. Leahy
15671991.9The Principles of Privatization in Eastern EuropeJános Kornai
15681991.9Sources of Identifying Information in Evaluation ModelsJ. D. Angrist, G. W. Imbens
15691991.10A Reduced Form Approach to Maximum Likelihood Estimation of Evolutionary TreesMartin L. Weitzman
15701991.10Endogenous Macroeconomic Growth TheoryElhanan Helpman
15711991.10The Evolution of Global Labor Markets in the First and Second World since 1830: Background Evidence and HypothesesJeffrey G. Williamson
15721991.10The Reincarnation of Keynesian EconomicsN. Gregory Mankiw
15731991.10Investment in EducationW. Jorgenson and Barbara M. Fraumeni
15741991.10What to Preserve? An Application of Diversity Theory to Crane ConservationMartin L. Weitzman
15751991.10Reducing Us Carbon Dioxide Emissions: The Cost of Different GoalsDale W. Jorgenson, Peter J. Wilcoxen
15761991.11The Marshall Plan as a Structural Adjustment ProgramJ. Bradford De Long, Barry Eichengreen
15771991.11Sequential Moment Restrictions in Panel DataGary Chamberlain
15781991.11Combining Micro and Macro Data in Microeconometric ModelsGuido W. Imbens, Tony Lancaster