経済学図書室所蔵 ワーキングペーパー一覧(海外)

note de recherche = working paper / Institut D'Asie Orientale



I.S.S. occasional papers / Institute of Social Studies

591977.1Rural Development Policies and Performance in Zambia: A Critical InventoryPatrick Ollawa
601977.2Employment and Unemployment in LagosOlanrewaju Fapohunda
611977.2Is a Marxist Theory of the State Possible?G. van Benthem van den Bergh
681979.1Rural Transformation in ChinaJ.B.W. Kuitenbrouwer
691979.3Social Development: Supplement or Corrective to Economic Development?C.A.O. van Nieuwenhuijze
711979.7Structural Crisis, Dependent Capitalist Development and Regional Inequality in GhanaJacob Songsore
721979.8Some Reflections on the Uses of Science and Technology in IndonesiaJ.B.W. Kuitenbrouwer
731979.9Income Distribution, Poverty and EmploymentRachel Kurian
741979.9A Farewell to WelfareJ.B.W. Kuitenbrouwer
751979.9Public Policy Evaluation, Meta-Evaluation, and Essentialism: The Case of Rural CooperativesR. Apthorpe, D. Gasper
761979.10On Social Development: The Social Welfare ApproachC.A.O. van Nieuwenhuijze
771979.11Towards a Methodology of Women's StudiesMaria Mies
781979.12Some Issues in Connection with the Improvement of the Social Accounting Systems of Developing CountriesJan van Heemst
791980.3Urban Poverty, Migration and Land Reform in EcuadorPeter Peek
801980.3Economic Integration, Opportunity Structure and Migration in Papua New GuineaDon Townsend
811980.4On Unresolved Issues in Regional Development ThinkingJ.G.M. Hilhorst
821980.6Peasant Participation in Latin America and its Obstacles: An Overview of Conflict-Resolution StrategiesGerrit Huizer
831980.9Regional Planning in Peru 1968-77: Top-down or Bottom-up?J.G.M. Hilhorst
841980.11On the Dynamics of Development of Contemporary States: An Approach to Comparative PoliticsG. van Benthem van den Bergh
861981.3The Dialectics of Class and State Formation and of Development Policy in Papua New GuineaJ.B.W. Kuitenbrouwer
871981.7New Structures of International Communication: The Role of ResearchCees Hamelink
881981.7Cows and Cow-slaughter in India: Religious, Political and Social AspectsS.M. Batra
891681.8Territory vs Function: A New Paradigm?J.G.M. Hilhorst
901981.8Females in the Agricultural Labour Force and Non-Formal Education for Rural Development in GhanaMiranda Greenstreet
911981.10Workers, Peasants, Artisans and MothersPeter Waterman
921981.12The New Capitalist World Order: Implications for Development in North and South-East AsiaJoost Kuitenbrouwer
931981.12The Institutionalisation of Basic Needs for Rural Development: Lessons from an African ExperiencePaul Collins
941982.2The Role of State Enterprises in African Development: With Special Reference to the Uganda Development CorporationSemei Nyanzi
951982.3Scale, Organisation and Efficiency in Footwear Production: An Analysis of Some Ghanaian DataJan van Heemst
971983.12Culture and Development: The Prospects of an AfterthoughtC.A.O. van Nieuwenhuijze
981984.3National Accounting and Subsistence Production in Developing Countries: Some Major IssuesJan J.P. van Heemst
991984.6Producers' Cooperatives: Experience and Lessons from IndiaSulabha Brahme
1001984.10Yugoslavia's Economic Crisis: The Price of OverexpansionWillem Burger
1011985.12Exploratory Data Analysis on Indebtedness in the Third WorldMarc Wuyts
1021985.12The Political Economy of the Yugoslav RevolutionPhil Wright
1031986.1The Federalisation of Cooperative Banking in Pakistan and Rural Cooperatives in Punjab ProvinceFarooq Haroon
1041986.10A Case Study in Exploring Time Series: Inflation and the Growth of the Money Supply in Zaire, 1965-1982Nlandu Mamingi, Marc Wuyts
1051987.12Problems in Three New Land Settlements in Andean CountriesEduardo Durand, Jos Hiihorst
1061988.9The Political Economy of Peasant Farming in GhanaEmile Vercruijsse
1071990.1Worker Cooperatives with Particular Reference to Malta: An Educationist's Theory and PracticeGodfrey Baldacchino


Working paper series / Institute of Social Studies

3272000.12Social Capital, Migration and Cultural Difference: Beyond Ethnic EconomiesJan Nederveen Pieterse
3292001.1Targeting Food Aid to the Rural Food Insecure: Evidence and Lessons from EthiopiaYosef Gebrehiwot
3332001.2The State of Agrarian Reform in the Former Soviet UnionMax Spoor, Oane Visser
3372001.5Globalization Kitch and Conflict: Technologies of Work, War and PoliticsJan Nederveen Pieterse
3422001.7Decentralisation, Enablement and Local Governance in Low Income CountriesA.H.J. (Bert) Helmsing
3432001.8Gender, Tradition, Sexual Diversity and Aids in Postcolonial Southern Africa: Some Suggestions for ResearchSaskia E. Wieringa
3442001.8The Ethics of Speed: Global Activism after SeattleRoland Bleiker
3502001.10Partnerships, Participation and Patronage Realities of Urban Poverty Alleviation in Bangalore SlumsJoop W. de Wit
3612002.2Considering Equity in Health Sector Reform, Case Study of a New Deal in Sotnikum, CambodiaWim Hardeman
3672002.7Technical Fixes and Social Relations the Case of Group Farming in Kerala, IndiaN.C. Narayanan
3802003.8Decentralizing Natural Resource Management: A Recipe for Sustainability and Equity?Wicky Meynen, Martin Doornbos
3912004.2Natural Resource Endowment Types and Longterm GrowthS. Mansoob Murshed, George Mavrotas, Nicky Pouw, Admasu Shiferaw
3922004.2Is the Eurozone Headed for Economic Deflation?George Irvin
3942004.3Privatisation by Stealth: The Global Use and Abuse of the Term 'Public-`rivate Partnership'Paul van der Wel
3952004.4Liberalisation, Care and the Struggle for Women's Social Citizenship in VietnamThanh-Dam Truong
3962004.4Industrialisation, Value Chains and Linkages, the Leather Footwear Sector in Addis Ababa, EthiopiaTheo van der Loop
4052005.1Securing Humanity: Situating 'Human Security' as Concept and DiscourseDes Gasper
4312006.7Complex Emergencies, Food Security and the Quest for Appropriate Institutional CapacityMartin Doornbos


Working paper. Sub-series on money, finance, and development / Institute of Social Studies

301990.5The IMF and Paris Club Debt Rescheduling: A Conflicting Role?Richard Brown
311990.5Sudan's Other Economy: Migrants' Remittances, Capital Flight and their Policy ImplicationsRichard Brown
321990.9Concepts and Definitions for the World Accounting MatrixJoke Luttik
331990.10Private Foreign Asset Accumulation: Magnitude and Determinants: The Case of the PhilippinesRob Vos
341990.10Public and Private Investment and Economic GrowthKhwaja Sarmad
351990.11External Shock and Domestic Response in LDCs: A Cross-Country Decomposition Analysis, 1970-1988E.V.K. FitzGerald, K. Sarmad
361990.11Public and Private Sector Capital Account Behaviour in Less-Developed Countries, 1970-1988E.V.K. FitzGerald, K. Sarmad
371991.5Debt, Adjustment and Donor Interventions in Post-War Horn of AfricaRichard P.C. Brown, Ahmed Nur Kulane Hassan, Alemayehu Geda Fole
381991.5Private Sector Adjustment and Corporate Behaviour in ColombiaFernando Tenjo-Galarza
391991.9Laurean Rutayisire, Rob VosA Sam for Tanzania
401991.11A Note on the Measurement of Trade and Financial Linkages in the WAME.V.K. FitzGerald, Joke Luttik
411992.4Aid Flows, Trade and Global Macroeconomic AdjustmentRob Vos
421992.10Prospects of Financial Flows to Developing Countries in the 1990s. The Global Macroeconomic Trade-OffsRob Vos
431992.11External Constraints on Private Investment Decisions in Developing CountriesE.V.K. FitzGeraid, Karel Jansen, Rob Vos
441993.3Aid and Development Policy in the 1990sArjun Sengupta
451993.3External Shocks, Debt and Adjustment: A CGE Model for the PhilippinesLuis Jemio, Rob Vos
461993.3External Finance, Growth and Adjustment: A Computable General Equilibrium Model for ThailandLuis Carlos Jemio, Karel Jansen
471993.4Trade and Financial Flows in a World Accounting FrameworkNiek de Jong, Rob Vos, Tjeerd Jellema
481993.8Trade Multipliers in a World Accounting Matrix FrameworkRob Vos, Alejandro Izurieta
491993.8Direct Foreign Investment and Adjustment: The Case of ThailandKarel Jansen
501993.10Trade and Financial Flows in a World Accounting Framework: Balanced WAMs for 1989-90Niek de Jong, Rob Vos, Tjeerd Jellema, Harm Zebregs
511993.10Financial Liberalization, Growth and Adjustment: Some Lessons from Developing CountriesRob Vos
521993.12Aid Principles and Policy: An Operational Basis for the Assessment of Donor PerformanceMark McGillivray, Howard White
531994.1Evaluating the Concessionality of Tied AidOliver Morrissey, Howard White
541994.7External and Domestic Financial Constraints on Adjustment: A General Equilibrium Framework for MexicoRob Vos
551994.8What is Measured in Studies on the Determinants of Direct Foreign Investment?Niek de Jong, Rob Vos
561994.8Patterns of International Finance between Major Trading and Investing Partners: A World Accounting ApproachNiek de Jong, Rob Vos
571994.8Theoretical and Empirical Approaches to Direct Foreign Investment: A Survey of LiteratureNiek de Jong, Rob Vos
581994.11A Comparative Look at International Linkages of the World Bank's Global Economic Model (Bank-GEM) and other North-South (N-S) Economic ModelsAlemayehu Geda
591994.11Aid Flows and 'Dutch Disease' in a General Equilibrium Framework for PakistanRob Vos
601996.1Determinants of Aggregate Primary Commodity Export Supply: Econometric Results from African CountriesAlemayehu Geda
611996.7The Fiscal Response to External Finance in Africa: An Alternative ApproachAlemayehu Geda
621997.5The Historical Origin of African Debt and External Finance ProblemsAlemayehu Geda


Working paper. Sub-series on women, history and development: themes and issues / Institute of Social Studies

121990.4The Women's Movement in Peru: Rebellion into ActionVirginia Vargas
131990.6Selective Education: Issues of Gender, Class and Ideology in Northern NigeriaRenée Pittin
141991.10Women Organising for Change in Caribbiean Free Zones: Strategies and MethodsLeith L. Dunn
151992.2Women and the Meaning of Development: Approaches and ConsequencesGeertje Lycklama à Nijeholt
161992.4The Ideology of Domesticity and the Struggles of Women Workers: The Case of ZimbabweRudo B. Gaidzanwa
171993.1Hidden from Herstory: Women, Feminism and the New Global SolidarityPeter Waterman
181993.12The Struggle over Female Identities in a South-Brazilian VillageIneke van Halsema
191999.2Women and Agrarian Change: A Historical Analysis of Dangs: 1870s-1990sShiney Varghese