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A National Bureau of Economic Research conference report

19791979Research Conference: A Summary
19801980Taxation of Capital
19811981Economics of Compensation
19811981Inflation and Financial Markets
200320032003 Japan Conference: A Summary of the Papers


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2000Industrial Technology and Productivity: Incorporating Learning from Plant Visits and Interviews into Economic Research


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NBER summary report

19791979Youth UnemploymentRichard B. Freeman, David A. Wise
19821982Conferences on Inflation
19861986Taxes and Capital Formation
19871987International Economic CooperationMartin Feldstein
19871987The United States in the World EconomyMartin Feldstein


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Technical working paper / NBER

111981.3Two-Step Two-Stage Least Squares Estimation in Models with Ratinonal ExpectationsMaurice Obstfeld, Robert Cumby, John Huizinga
281983.3Methods of Solution and Simulation for Dynamic Rational Expectations ModelsOlivier J. Blanchard
291983.8Optimal and Time-Consistent Policies in Continuous Time Rational Expectations ModelsWillem H. Buiter
301983.11Pitfalls in the Use of Time as an Explanatory Variable in RegressionCharles R. Nelson, Heejoon Kang
311983.11Deep Structural Excavation? A Critique of Euler Equation MethodsPeter M. Garber, Robert G. King
321984.2Estimating Autocorrelations in Fixed-Effects ModelsGary Solon
331984.3Consistent Estimation Using Data from More Than One SampleWilliam T. Dickens, Brian A. Ross
341984.4Policy Evaluation and Design for Continuous Time Linear Rational Expectations Models: Some Recent DevelopmentsWillem H. Buiter
351984.4Misperceptions, Moral Hazard, and Incentives in GroupsMartin Gaynor
361984.5Conditional Projection by Means of Kalman FilteringRichard H. Clarida, Diane Coyle
371984.5Errors in Variables in Panel DataZvi Griliches, Jerry A. Hausman
381984.6Correcting for Truncation Bias Caused by a Latent Truncation VariableDavid E. Bloom, Mark R. Killingsworth
391984.7Data Problems in EconometricsZvi Griliches
401984.9Flexible Functional Forms and Global Curvature ConditionsW.E. Diewert, T.J. Wales
411984.6Rational Expectations Models with a Continuum of Convergent SolutionsMichael Mussa
421984.11New Econometric Techniques for Macroeconomic Policy EvaluationJohn B. Taylor
431985.2Error Components in Grouped Data: Why It's Never Worth WeightingWilliam T. Dickens
441985.3Asset Pricing TheoriesMichael Rothschild
451985.4Testing the Random Walk Hypothesis: Power versus Frequency of ObservationRobert J. Shiller, Pierre Perron
461985.4Is There Chronic Excess Supply of Labor?: Designing a Statistical TestRichard E. Quandt, Harvey S. Rosen
471985.5Technical Progress in U.S. Manufacturing Sectors, 1948-1973: An Application of Lie GroupsRyuzo Sato, Thomas M. Mitchell
481985.6Implementing Causality Tests with Panel Data, with an Example from Local Public FinanceDouglas Holtz-Eakin, Whitney Newey, Harvey Rosen
491985.6Alternative Nonnested Specification Tests Of Time Series Investment ModelsBen Bernanke, Henning Bohn, Peter Reiss
501985.8Estimation and Hypothesis Testing with Restricted Spectral Density Matrices: An Application to Uncovered Interest ParityDanny Quah, Takatoshi Ito
511985.6Do We Reject Too Often? Small Sample Properties of Tests of Rational Expectations ModelsN. Gregory Mankiw, Matthew D. Shapiro
521985.10A Fiscal Theory of Hyperdeflations? Some Surprising Monetarist ArithmeticWillem H. Buiter
531986.1Microeconomic Approaches to the Theory of International ComparisonsW.E. Diewert
541986.2Full versus Limited Information Estimation of a Rational Expectations Model: Some Numerical ComparisonsKenneth D. West
551986.4A Simple, Positive Semi—Definite, Heteroskedasticity and Autocorrelation Consistent Covariance MatrixWhitney K. Newey, Kenneth D. West
561985.5Sequential Bargaining under Asymmetric InformationSanford J. Grossman, Motty Perry
571986.6Testing for Individual Effects in Dynamic Models Using Panel DataDouglas Holtz-Eakin
581986.6Bias in Longitudinal Estimaiton of Wage GapsGary Solon
591986.9Maximum Likelihood Estimation of Generalized Ito Processes with Discretely Sampled DataAndrew W. Lo
601986.9Temporal Aggregation and Structural Inference in MacroeconomicsLawrence J. Christiano, Martin Eichenbaum
611986.10Granger-Causality and Policy Ineffectiveness: A RejoinderWillem H. Buiter
621987.8Consistent Covariance Matrix Estimation with Cross-Sectional Dependence and Heteroskedasticity in Cross-Sectional Financial DataKenneth A. Froot
631987.11Spurious Trend and Cycle in the State Space Decomposition of a Time Series with a Unit RootCharles R. Nelson
641988.2Exchange-Rate Dynamics and Optimal Asset Accumulation RevisitedMaurice Obstfeld
651988.6Asset Pricing with a Factor Arch Covariance Structure: Empirical Estimates for Treasury BillsRobert F. Engle, Victor Ng, Michael Rothschild
661988.6The Size and Power of the Variance Ratio Test in Finite Samples: A Monte Carlo InvestigationAndrew W. Lo, A. Craig MacKinlay
671988.7The Dividend Ratio Model and Small Sample Bias: A Monte Carlo StudyJohn Y. Campbell, Robert J. Shiller
681988.9Some Further Results on the Exact Small Sample Properties of the Instrumental Variable EstimatorCharles R. Nelson, Richard Startz
691988.9The Distribution of the Instrumental Variables Estimator and its t-Ratio When the Instrument is a Poor OneCharles R. Nelson, Richard Startz
701988.9The Time-Varying-Parameter Model as an Alternative to ARCH for Modeling Changing Conditional Variance: The Case of Lucas HypothesisCharles R. Nelson, Chang-Jin Kim
711988.10Smart Money, Noise Trading and Stock Price BehaviorJohn Y. Campbell, Albert S. Kyle
721988.12The R&D Master File DocumentationBronwyn H. Hall, Clint Cummins, Elizabeth S. Laderman, Joy Mundy
731988.12Tests for Unit Roots: A Monte Carlo InvestigationG. William Schwert
741989.1Endogenous Output in an Aggregate Model of the Labor MarketRichard E. Quandt, Harvey S. Rosen
751989.2The Delivery of Market Timing Services Newsletters versus Market Timing FundsAlex Kane, Stephen Gary Marks
761989.3Kolmogorov-Smirnov Tests For Distribution Function Similarity with Applications to Portfolios of Common StockJack Meyer, Robert H. Rasche
771989.4Super Contact and Related Optimality Conditions: A Supplement to Avinash Dixit's: "A Simplified Exposition of Some Results Concerning Regulated Brownian Motion"Bernard Dumas
781989.8Full Information Estimation and Stochastic Simulation of Models with Rational ExpectationsRay C. Fair, John B. Taylor
791989.10Estimation of Polynomial Distributed Lags and Leads with End Point ConstraintsDonald W.K. Andrews, Ray C. Fair
2882003.2Multinomial Choice with Social InteractionsWilliam A. Brock, Steven N. Durlauf


NBER working paper series on historical factors in long run growth

11989.5Second thoughts on the European Escape from Hunger: Famines, Price Elasticities, Entitlements, Chronic Malnutrition, and Mortality RatesRobert W. Fogel
21989.5A State and Local Consumer Price Index for the United States in 1890Michael R. Haines
31989.5The Trend in the Rate of Labor Force Participation of Older Men, 1870–1930: A Review of the EvidenceRoger L. Ransom, Richard Sutch
41989.5Economic and Geographic Mobility on the Farming Frontier: Evidence from Appanoose County, Iowa, 1850-1870David W. Galenson, Clayne L. Pope
51989.8Buying the American Dream: Housing Demand in the United States in the Late Nineteenth CenturyMichael R. Haines, Allen C. Goodman
61989.8Consumer Behavior and Immigrant Assimilation: A Comparison of the United States, Britain, and Germany 1889/1890Michael R. Haines
71989.10Economic Growth before 1860: Revised ConjecturesThomas Weiss
81989.12Poverty and Prosperity: A Longitudinal Study of Wealth Accumulation, 1850-1860Richard H. Steckel
91989.12Lessons form the American Experience with Free BankingHugh Rockoff
101989.12The Democratization of Invention during Early Industrialization: Evidence from the United States, 1790-1846Kenneth L. Sokoloff, B. Zorina Khan
111990.1The Capital Market in the 1850'sHugh Rockoff
121990.3Modeling Complex Dynamic Interactions: The Role of Intergenerational, Cohort, and Period Processes and of Conditional Events in the Political Realignment of the 1850sRobert W. Fogel
131990.5Risk Sharing, Crew Quality, Labor Shares and Wages in the Nineteenth Century American Whaling IndustryLance E. Davis, Robert E. Gallman, Teresa D. Hutchins
141990.8The Competitive Dynamics of Racial Exclusion: Employment Segregation in the South, 1900-1950Robert A. Margo
151990.8How Long Was the Work Day in 1880?Jeremy Atack, Fred Bateman
161990.9The Conquest of High Mortaltiy and Hunger in Europe and America: Timing and MechanismsRobert William Fogel
171990.10Segregated Schools and the Mobility Hypothesis: A Model of Local Government DiscriminationRobert A. Margo
181990.12The Microeconomics of Depression UnemploymentRobert A. Margo
191990.12Wages and Prices During the Antebellum Period: A Survey and New EvidenceRobert A. Margo
201991.1Seasonality in Nineteenth Century Labor MarketsStanley Engerman, Claudia Goldin
211991.1A Home of One's Own: Aging and Homeownership in the United States in the Late Nineteenth and Early Twentieth CenturiesMichael R. Haines, Allen C. Goodman
221991.2Precedence and Wealth: Evidence from Nineteenth Century UtahDavid W. Galenson, Clayne L. Pope
231991.2Long Term Changes in U.S. Agricultural Output per Worker, 1800 to 1900Thomas Weiss
251991.5Louis Brandeis, Work and Fatigue at the Start of the Twentieth Century: Prelude to Oregon's Hours Limitation LawJeremy Attack, Fred Bateman
261991.5New Sources and New Techniques for the Study of Secular Trends in Nutritional Status, Health, Mortality, and the Process of AgingRobert William Fogel
271991.7The Labor Force Participation of Older Americans in 1900: Further ResultsRobert A. Margo
281991.7The Market for Manufacturing Workers during Early Industrialization: The American Northeast, 1820 to 1860Kenneth L. Sokoloff, Georgia C. Villaflor
291991.9The Rise of the Chicago Packers and the Origins of Meat Inspection and AntitrustGary D. Libecap
301991.9Agricultural Seasonality and the Organization of Manufacturing during Early Industrialization: The Contrast Between Britain and the United StatesKenneth L. Sokoloff, David Dollar
311991.10The Use of Historical Census Data for Mortality and Fertility ResearchMichael R. Haines
321991.12Capital Flows to the New World as an Intergenerational TransferAlan M. Taylor, Jeffrey G. Williamson
331991.12Whom Did Protective Legislation Protect? Evidence From 1880Jeremy Atack, Fred Bateman
341992.1Toward a New Synthesis on the Role of Economic Issues in the Political Realignment of the 1850sRobert William Fogel
351992.1Gresham's Law RegainedRobert L. Greenfield, Hugh Rockoff
361992.2The Evolution of Global Labor Markets in the First and Second World Since 1830: Background Evidence and HypothesesJeffrey G. Williamson
371992.6Were Heckscher and Ohlin Right? Putting the Factor-Price-Equalization Theorem back into HistoryKevin O'Rourke, Jeffery G. Williamson
381992.6Early Indicators of Later Work Levels, Disease, and DeathRobert W. Fogel, Larry T. Wimmer
391992.8Tall But Poor: Nutrition, Health, and Living Standards in Pre-Famine IrelandS. Nicholas, Richard H. Steckel
401992.8The Labor Force in the Nineteenth CenturyRobert A. Margo
411992.9International Migration and World Development: A Historical PerspectiveTimothy J. Hatton, Jeffrey G. Williamson
421992.11'Schemes of Practical Utility': Entrepreneurship and Innovation among 'Great Inventors' in the United States, 1790-1865B. Zorina Khan, Kenneth J. Sokoloff
431992.11What Drove the Mass Migrations from Europe in the Late Nineteenth Century?Timothy J. Hatton, Jeffrey G. Williamson
441993.3Explaining Black-White Wage Convergence, 1940-1950: The Role of the Great CompressionRobert A. Margo
451993.3Added and Discouraged Workers in the Late 1930s: A Re-ExaminationT. Aldrich Finegan, Robert A. Margo
621994.11The Great DepressionPeter Temin