経済学図書室所蔵 ワーキングペーパー一覧(海外)

Technical report. The economic series / Stanford University

3981983.3Generalizations of the Censored and Truncated Least Absolute Deviations EstimatorsJames L. Powell
3991983.2Behavior under Uncertainty and Its Implications for PolicyKenneth J. Arrow
4001983.3Third-Order Efficiency of the Extended Maximum Likelihood Estimators in a Simultaneous Equation SystemKei Takeuchi, Kimio Morimune
4011983.3Short-Run Analysis of Fiscal Polecy in a Simple Perfect Foresight ModelKenneth Judd
4021983.3Estimation of Failure Rate from a Complete Record of Failures and a Partial Record of Non-FailuresKazuyuki Suzuki
4031982Applications of Semi-Regenerative Theory of Computations of Stationary Distributions of Markov ChainsW. K. Grassmann, Michael I. Taksar
4041983.5On the Optimality of Individual Behavior in First Come Last Served Queues with Preemption and BalkingRafael Hassin
4051983.5Entry with Exit: An Extensive Form Treatment of Predation with Financial ConstraintsJean-Pierre Benoît
4061983.6Search among QueuesAmihai Glazer, Refael Hassin
4071982.12The Space of Polynomials in Measures Is InternalJoshua Reichers, Yair Tauman
4081983.6Planning under Incomplete Information and the Ratchet EffectXavier Freixas, Roger Guesnerie, Jean Tirole
4091983.7A Theory of Dynamic Oligopoly, I: Overview and Quantity Competition with Large Fixed CostsEric Maskin, Jean Tirole
4101983.7Approximate Measures of the Social Welfare Benefits of Labor ProjectsPeter Hammond
4111983.7Transversality Conditions for Some Infinite Horizon Discrete Time Optimization ProblemsIvar Ekeland, José Alexandre Scheinkman
4121983.7Asymptotic Efficiency of the Partial Likelihood Estimator in the Proportional Hazard ModelAaron K. Han
4131983.7A Monte Carlo Comparison of Estimators for Censored Regression ModelsHarry J. Paarsch
4141983.7Instrumental-Variable Estimation of an Error-Components ModelTakeshi Amemiya, Thomas E. Macurdy
4151983.9An Axiomatization of the Non-Transferable Utility ValueRobert J. Aumann
4161983.8Diffusion Approximation in Arrow's Model of Exhaustable ResoucesDarrell Duffie, Michael Taskar
4171983.9The Shapley Value in the Non Differentiable CaseJean Francois Mertens
4181983.9The Minimax Theorem for U.S C.-L.S.C. Payoff FunctionsJean Francois Mertens
4191983.9Altruistic Growth Economies, I. Existence of Bequest Equilibria, II. Properties of Bequest EquilibriaDebraj Ray, Douglas Bernheim
4201983.9On the Existence of Cournot EquilibriumWilliam Novshek
4211983.9Equilibrium Turnpike Theory with Constant Returns to Scale and Possibly Heterogeneous Discount FactorsJeffrey L. Colles
4221983.6Components of Variance in ManovaT. W. Anderson
4231983.9Prices for Homogeneous Cost FunctionsLeonard J. Mirman, Abraham Neyman
4241983.10On the Duration of AgreementsMilton Harris, Bengt Holmstrom
4251983.10A Sequential Signalling Model of Convertible Debt Call PolicyMilton Harris, Arthur Raviv
4261983.10On the Marginal Cost of Government SpendingDavid Starrett
4271983.10Self-Agreed Cartel RulesKevin Roberts
4281983.10Dynamic Models of OligopolyDrew Fudenberg, Jean Tirole
4291983.10A Theory of Exit in OligopolyDrew Fudenberg, Jean Tirole
4301983.11Consumer Information in Markets with Random Product Quality: The Case of Queues and BalkingRafael Hassin
4311983.10Incentive Efficiency of Double AuctionsRobert Wilson
4321983.10Efficient TradingRobert Wilson
4331983.10The Economic Theory of Individual Behavior Toward Risk: Theory, Evidence and New DirectionsMark J. Machina
4341983.11Reputations in Games and MarketsBobert Wilson
4351983.11Multilateral Incentive Compatibility in Continuum EconomiesPeter J. Hammond
436The First-Order Approach to Principal-Agent ProblemsWilliam P. Rogerson
437Maximum Rank Correlation Estimator and Generalized Median Estimator in Censored Regression and Survival ModelsAaron K. Han
4381984.1On Endogenous Competitive Business CyclesJean-Michel Grandmont
4391984.1A Complete Characterization of Arma Solutions to Linear Rational Expectations ModelsGeorge Evans, Seppo Honkapohja
4401984.1Asset Bubbles and Overlapping Generations: A SynthesisJean Tirole
4411984.3Two Equivalence Theorems for the 'Finite Coalition Core' of a Continuum EconomyPeter J. Hammond
4421984.3Managerial Incentives and Non-Wage BenefitsWilliam P. Rogerson
4431984.3A Survey of Agency Models of OrganizationsDaniel Levinthal
4441984.4Two Papers On Sequential Bargaining, Paper I: Sequential Bargaining Mechanisms, Paper II: Bargaining with Incomplete Information an Infinite-Horizon Model with Continuous UncertaintyPeter C. Cramton
4451984.4Borrowing Constraints and Aggregate Economic ActivityJose A. Scheinkman, Laurence Weiss
4461984.4Periodic and Aperiodic Behavior in Discrete Onedimensional Dynamic SystemsJean-Michel Grandmont
4471984.4Contractural Paradigms Rational Expectations and Seniority Rules in the Theory of Long-Term Labor ContractsJames Anton
4481984.9The Maximum Rank Correlation Estimator in Classical, Censored and Discrete Regression ModelsAaron K. Han
4491984.9Consequentialist Social Norms for Public DecisionsPeter J. Hammond
4501984.10On Asymmetric Information, Unemployment and Inflexible WagesMordecai Kurz
4511984.10The Economics of AgencyKenneth J. Arrow
4521984.11On Equilibria of Bid-Ask MarketsRobert Wilson
4531984.11Multidimensional SignallingMartine Quinzii, Jean-Charles Rochet
4541984.12Inequality, Malnutrition and Unemployment: A Critique of the Competitive Market MechanismPartha Dasgupta, Debraj Ray
4551984.12Procurement, Cost Overruns and Severance: A Study in Commitment and RenegotiationJean Tirole
4561985.2Multiparty Equilibria under Proportional RepresentationJoseph Greenberg, Shlomo Weber
4571985.3Inequality and Capital TaxationJoseph E. Stiglitz
4581985.3Lump-Sum Taxes and Transfers: Public Debt in the Overlapping-Generations ModelYves Balasko, Karl Shell
4591985.4Project Evaluation by Potential Tax ReformPeter J. Hammond
4601985.9Competitivity and the Number of Firms in a Market: Are Duopolies More Competitive Than Atomistic Markets?J.E. Stiglitz
4611985.4Tiebout Equilibrium under Restricted Preferences DomainJoseph Greenberg, Shlomo Weber
4621985.4On the Existence of Markov-Consistent Plans under Production UncertaintyB. Douglas Bernheim, Debraj Ray
4631985.4Free Entry and Stability in a Cournot ModelGabrielle Demange
4641984.9Instability in the Implementation of Walrasian AllocationsJ.S. Jordan
4651985.5Technical Information, Returns to Scale, and the Existence of Competitive EquilibriumKenneth J. Arrow
4661985.5Aggregation and Linearity in the Provision of Intertemporal IncentivesBengt Holmstrom, Paul Milgrom
4671985.6Markov Perfect Equilibria in Altruistic Growth Economies with Production UncertaintyB. Douglas Bernheim, Debraj Ray
4681985.6Foundation of Dynamic Monopoly and the Coase ConjectureFaruk Gul, Hugo Sonnenschein, Robert Wilson
4691985.6Consistent Voting Rules for Competitive Local Public Goods EconomiesJoseph Greenberg, Benyamin Shitovitz
4701985.7Nonpaternalistic Intergenerational AltruismDebraj Ray
4711985.8Dynamic Allocation with Consistent Intergenerational BenevolencePeter A. Streufert
4721986.3Consequentialism, Ellsberg's Paradox and Expected EvaluationPeter J. Hammond
4731985.8The Normative Economics of Government Intervention in ProductionB. Caillaud, R. Guesnerie, P. Ray, J. Tirole
4741985.8Game- Theoretic Analyses of Trading ProcessesRobert Wilson
4751985.12Extremal Equilibria of Oligopolistic SupergamesDilip Abreu
4761985.11The Algebra of Arma Processes and the Structure of Arma, Solutions to a General Linear Model with Rational ExpectationsGeorge W. Evans
4771985.11Using Cost Observation to Regulate FirmsJean-Jacques Laffont, Jean Tirole
4781985.11A Sequential Theory of BargainingAriel Rubinstein
4791985.9Durable Mechanisms for Bargaining with Private Information: Definition, Existence, and CharacterizationStephen J. Turnbull
4801985.1Interactions between Signaling and Repeated Play with Borrower DefaultCarol L. Such
4811985.11Selection Criteria for Models with NonuniquenessGeorge W. Evans
4821985.12Viable Allocations of Information in Financial MarketsAnat R. Admati, Paul Pfleiderer
4831986.2Walrasian Equilibrium without Survival: Existence, Efficiency and Remedial PolicyJeffrey L. Coles, Peter J. Hammond
4841986.3Stable Standards of Behavior: A Unifying Approach to Solution ConceptsJoseph Greenberg
4851986.3MiddlemenAriel Rubinstein, Asher Wolinsky
4861986.3A Simple Proof of the Equivalence Theorem for Oligopolistic Mixed MarketsJoseph Greenberg, Benyamin Shitovitz
4871986.5Toward a Theory of Discounted Repeated Games with Imperfect MonitoringDilip Abreu, David Pearce, Ennio Stacchetti
4881986.12Structural Consistency, Consistenxy and Sequential RationalityDavid M. Kreps, Garey Ramey
4891986.6On the Robustness of Equilibrium RefinementsDrew Fudenberg, David M. Kreps, David K. Levine
4901986.8On Competitive Cycles in Productive EconomiesJess Benhabib, Guy Laroque
4911986.12Reputation in Bargaining and Durable Goods MonopolyLawrence Ausubel, Raymond Deneckere
4921986.10Competition, Non-Linear Pricing and Rationing in Credit MarketsMordecai Kurz
4931986.10Structure and Complexity: The Use of Recursion Theory in the Foundations of Neoclassical Mathematical Economics and the Theory of GamesAlain A. Lewis
4941986.11The Demand for Information and the Distribution of IncomeKenneth J. Arrow
4951986.11Perfect Equilibria Paths in Repeated Games: The Unique Maximal Stationaty Stable Standard of BehaviorJoseph Greenberg
4961986.11Strategic Incentive in Manipulation in Rivalrous AgencyChaim Fershtman, Kenneth Judd
4971986.11Decentralized Trading, Strategic Behavior and the Walrasian OutcomeAriel Rubinstein, Asher Wolinsky
4981986.11An Extension of The Modigliani-Miller Theorem to Stochastic Economies with Incomplete MarketsPeter DeMarzo
4991986.12Information Transfer and Investment in Product QualityGarey Ramey
5001986.12The Core of a Market with a Continuum of Players and Finite Coalitions; From Finite to Continuum EconomiesMamoru Kaneko, Myrna Holtz Wooders
5011986.12The Power of Small Coalitions in Large EconomiesPeter J. Hammond
5021987.1Paths of Optimal Accumulation in Two-Sector ModelsMichele Boldrin
5031987.2NTU Values of Large GamesMyrna Holtz Wooders, William R. Zame
5041987.2Product Quality Signaling and Market PerformanceGarey Ramey
5051987.2The Structure of Nash Equilibrium in Repeated Games with Finite AutomataDilip Abreu, Ariel Rubinstein
5061987.3Deterrence in Oligopolistic CompetitionRobert Wilson
5071987.3Lipschitz Continuous Policy Functions for Strongly Concave Optimization ProblemsLuigi Montrucchio
5081987.3Coalitional ValueMordecai Kurz
5091987.3An Alternate Approach to Axiomatizations of the Von Neumann/Morgenstern Characteristic FunctionAlain A. Lewis, Raghu Sundaram
5101987.3Entry and ExitRobert Wilson
5111987.4Equivalent EquilibriaMichihiro Kandori


Technical report / Stanford University

71991.5Nonergodic Economic GrowthSteven N. Durlauf
81991.5Path Dependence in Aggregate OutputSteven N. Durlauf
91991.5Evolutionary Stability with Equilibrium EntrantsJeroen Swinkels
101991.5Stability and Evolutionary Stability: From Maynard Smith to Kohlberg-MertensJeroen Swinkels
111991.5Monotone Comparative StaticsPaul Milgrom, Christina Shannon
121991.6Increasing Returns, Quality Uncertainty, Product Differentiation, and Countercyclical Price Mark-UpsHelmut Zink
131991.6The Existence of Aggregate Capital When Returns to Scale are Non-ConstantLawrence J. Lau
141991.10Learning, Mutation, and Long Run Equilibria in GamesMichihiro Kandori, George Mailath, Rafael Rob
151991.10Returns to Scale, Information, and Economic GrowthKenneth J. Arrow
161991.10Economic Natural Selection and Adaptive BehaviorLawrence Blume, David Easley
171991.10Pecuniary Externalities and Multiple Equilibria: A Competitive Economy without an Insurance MarketLars Ljundqvist
181991.10Efficient Resource Allocation under Increasing ReturnsRajiv Vohra
191991.10The Capital Market, the Wealth Distribution and the Employment RelationAndrew F. Newman
201991.10Scale Returns in Communication and Elite Control of OrganizationsKenneth J. Arrow
211991.10Rational Frenzies and CrashesJeremy Bulow, Paul Klemperer
221991.10Nonnegative Stochastic Dynamic PreferencesPeter A. Streufert
231991.10Existence and Characterization Results for Stochastic Dynamic ProgrammingPeter A. Streufert
241991.10New Optimality Principles for Economic Efficiency and EquilibriumDavid G. Luenberger
251991.10Strong Convergence of Recursive M-Estimators for Models with Dynamic Latent VariablesChung-Ming Kuan, Halbert White
261991.10Recursive M-Estimation, Nonlinear Regression and Neural Network Learning with Dependent ObservationsChung-Ming Kuan, Halbert White
271991.10On the Evolution of Optimizing BehaviorEddie Dekel, Suzanne Scotchmer
281991.10Ex Ante versus Ex Post Optimal Promotion RulesMichael Waldman
291991.10Renegotiation and Optimality in Agency ContractsChing-to Albert Ma
301991.10The Dynamics of Learning with Team Production: Implications for Task AssignmentMargaret A. Meyer
311991.10Global Environment and North-South TradeGraciela Chichilnisky
321991.10Rules for Changing the RulesSpyros Vassilakis
331991.10Functional Fixed PointsSpyros Vassilakis
341991.10Increasing Returns in Infinite Horizon EconomiesChristina Shannon
351991.10Convergence of Recursive Learning Mechanisms to Steady States and Cycles in Stochastic Nonlinear ModelsGeorge W. Evans, Seppo Honkapohja
361991.10Biased Contests and Moral Hazard: Implications for Career ProfilesMargaret A. Meyer
371991.10Learning in an Equilibrium Search ModelJames D. Dana, Jr.
381991.10Designing a Private Industry: Government Actions with Endogenous Market StructureJames D. Dana, Jr., Kathryn E. Spier
391991.11On the Structure and Diversity of Rational BeliefsMordecai Kurz
401991.11On Rational Belief EquilibriaMordecai Kurz