経済学図書室所蔵 ワーキングペーパー一覧(国内)

Working paper series / 大分大学経済研究所

11994.4プロフィットシェアリング経済 vs 賃金経済再考-外部労働市場を考慮した比較分析大住康之
21994.4Optimal Tariff Financing of Public Inputs in a Small Open EconomyMutsumi Matsumoto
31994.4Fiscal Competition for Interregionally Mobile Factors by Providing Local Public InputsMutsumi Matsumoto
41996.7Tariff-Financed Public Inputs in the Mobile Capital Harris-Todaro ModelMutsumi Matsumoto
51997.12Wages and Employment Fluctuation in a Dual Labor Market Model with a Skilled Labor-Capital ComplementarityYasuyuki Osumi
62000.1Are Tax Systems for Foreign Direct Investment Indifferent?Tomoya Ida
72001.4Profit-Sharing and the Shunto [Spring Offensive] Process in JapanHiroyuki Takami, Tamotsu Nakamura
92004.9How High Is Urban Unemployment in China?John Knight, Jinjun Xue
102006.3International Tax Competition and Double TaxationTomoya Ida
122009.5Privatization of Local Public Hospitals: Effect on Budget, Medical Service Quality, and Social WelfareHiroshi Aiura, Yasuo Sanjo
132011.3Optimal Partial Privatization in Mixed OligopolyTamotsu Nakamura, Hiroyuki Takami
142011.3Inter-Regional Competition and Quality in Public Hospital CareHiroshi Aiura


Discussion Paper Series / 大蔵省財政金融研究所

11985.8Investment-Savings Balance and the Japanese Current AccountKazuo Ueda
21985.10The Japanese Current Account Surplus and Fiscal Policy in Japan and the U.S.Kazuo Ueda
41986.2News from the U.S. and Japan: Which Moves the Yen / Dollar Exchange Rate?Takatoshi Ito, V. Vance Roley
51986.2Economic Incentives for Industrial Investment; Japanese ExperienceHeizo Takenaka
6-Recent Patterns of Consumption and Savings Behavior in Japan: Empirical Results from a New Series of Consumption and Income DataKazuo Ogawa, Heizo Takenaka, Yasuo Kuwana
71986.4An Overview of Fiscal Deficits in Japan: With Special Reference to the Fiscal Policy DebateHiromitsu Ishi
8-On the Measurement of Government Deficits in JapanYuji Yui, Yasusuke Tsukagoshi, Kazuhide Uekusa, Mitsuaki Hiraoka
91986.9Demographic Conditions, Social Security, and Capital Accumulation: A Simulation AnalysisYukio Noguchi
101986.12International Capital Movements, Domestic Asset and the Current AccountKazuhisa Kudoh


Discussion paper / 大阪大学経済学部

93-051994.1The Pricing Decisions of Japanese Firms: An Empirical PerspectiveIchiro Furukawa
93-091993.12Renegotiation-Proof Lotteries Equilibrium in an Economy with Private InformationHiroshi Osano
94-011994.1Some Empirical Evidence on Demand System and Optimal Commodity TaxationSeki Asano, Takashi Fukushima
94-021994.3Optimality of a Competitive Equilibrium in a Small Open City with CongestionNobuo Akai, Takashi Fukushima, Tatsuo Hatta
94-031994.3日本経済史における資源 1800~1940年安場保吉
94-051994.3戦間期の生命保険の産業組織筒井義郎, 関口昌彦, 茶野努
94-061994.8Obitani Shoten: The Strategy and Structure of a Cotton Weaving Firm in the Sen'nan District of Osaka PrefectureTakeshi Abe
94-071994.9Endogenous Life SpansNobuo Akai
94-081994.10Price Tier Effects on Competitive Structure in JapanIchiro Furukawa
94-091994.10A Mechanism of Technology Development: The Case of the Japanese Textile IndustryYasuo Maeda
94-101994.11LM Tests for Unit Roots in the Presence of Missing ObservationsHiro Y. Toda, C. R. McKenzie
94-111994.11Breach of Contracts and Renegotiation in Corporate TakeoversHiroshi Osano
94-121994.11On Efficient Estimation and Correct Inference in Models with Generated Regressors: A General ApproachC. R. McKenzie, Michael McAleer
94-131994.11A Cointegration Test of Long-Run Purchasing Power Parity between Major Japanese Cities, 1951-1991Shinji Takagi, Yushi Yoshida
94-141994.11Price Relationships between Japanese Cities: Is Tokyo the Economic Epicenter of Japan?Shinji Takagi, Tomoaki Nagata
94-151994.12Do Stock Prices Link with Futures and Options?: A Cointegration AnalysisMikiyo Kii
94-161994.12A Comparison of Short-Term Interest Rate Models: Empirical Tests of Interest Rate VolatilityMikiyo Kii
94-171994.12Keiretsu, Competition, and Market AccessPaul Sheard
95-011995.1The Benchmark Issue Premium in the Japanese Government Bond Market: A Re-examinationYuichi Fukuta
95-021995.2地域間環境格差の経済分析赤井伸郎, 大竹文雄
95-031995.3Japanese Stock Returns and Investment: A Test of Production-Based Asset Pricing ModelKeiichi Hori
95-061995.6Intercorporate Shareholdings and Corporate Control in the Japanese FirmHiroshi Osano
95-071995.7An Optimal Tax Scheme to Finance Social Security in a Model with Endogenous LongevityYasuo Maeda, Nobuo Akai
95-081995.7D-F, LM, and Combined Tests for a Unit Root in Autoregressive Time SeriesKosuke Oya, Hiro Y. Toda
95-091995.11A Game Theoretic Characterization of Monetary Equilibria in Perfect Foresight Double Infinity EconomiesKen Urai
95-101995.12Accountability Approach versus Decision Usefulness Approach: How Different Are They?Hiroji Takao
95-121995.8Skill Transfer and Economic GrowthKatsuya Takii
95-131995.9The Impact of Changes in Defence Spending on the Japanese EconomyKanemi Ban
95-141995.10An Evolutionary Model of Corporate Governance and Employment ContractsHiroshi Osano
95-151995.11A Multiperiod 0-1 Mixed Integer Goal Programming Model (MMIGP) for Financing ProblemAli Asghar Anvary Rostamy, Yoshio Tabata
95-161995.11Policy Response to Business Survey Indicators: A Case Study of JapanKanemi Ban
95-171995.12Index Fund and Its Properties under Mean Square Error TrackingYoshio Tabata
95-181995.12CES Family of Homothetic Preferences: Continuity with Respect to ParametersHiroaki Nagatani
96-011996.3Default and Renegotiation in Financial Distress in the Multiple Bank Model: An Analysis of the Main Bank SystemHiroshi Osano
96-021996.3Public Goods and the Transfer Paradox in an Overlapping Generations ModelMitsuyoshi Yanagihara
96-031996.8中小企業集積地域の経済分析 -大田区、燕・三条地域、東大阪市の比較分析を中心に-橋本介三, 小林伸生
96-041996.9The Interdependence and Its Cause of Japanese and U.S. Stock Prices: An Analysis Base on the Returns of Trading and Non-Trading PeriodsYoshiro Tsutsui
96-051996.9Structure of Strong SubstitutesMasatoshi Yamada
96-061996.9Technology Management in Eastern Europe in an Era of Transition: The Case of Hungary and BulgariaMakoto Ishikawa
96-071996.10Technology Transfer and Management in East Asian Machine Tool Industries: Lesson Learned from the Japanese Machine Tool IndustryMasatsugu Tsuji, Mineo Ishikawa, Makoto Ishikawa
96-081996.10International Duopoly, Tariff Policies and the Case of Free TradeYutaka Horiba, Shunichi Tsutsui
96-091996.11Hierarchical Data Envelopment Analysis in Multicriteria Decision ProblemsEiji Takeda, Junko Satoh
96-101996.11Labor Unionism and the Japanese Corporate Pension SystemYutaka Horiba, Kazuo Yoshida
96-111996.12A Risk on Health Conditions and an Efficiency of Social Security SystemsYasuo Maeda, Akira Momota
96-121996.12A Bank Panic Model with a Bond MarketYasuo Maeda, Yoshikiyo Sakai
97-011997.1Japanese Life Insurance Industry in the Interwar PeriodYoshiro Tsutsui, Masahiko Sekiguchi, Tsutomu Chano
97-021997.1Some Implication of the Basle Accord: The Case of JapanYuzo Honda
97-031997.2Ricardo and J. S. Mill on Income TaxTakuo Dome
97-041997.3Tobin's q, as an Indicator of Rent for IncumbentsTakashi Omori
97-051997.3Privatization of Japan National RailwayKenzo Takeuchi, Ryu Imahashi, Hirotaka Yamauchi
97-061997.3Factor-Market Distortion, Dynamic Stability and Perverse Effects ReconsideredMasatoshi Yamada
97-071997.3Do Banks Diversify Portfolio Risk?: A Test of the Risk Cost HypothesisSin'ichi Hirota, Yoshiro Tsutsui
97-081997.4Privatization in Australia: The Good, the Bad and the AwfulStephen P. King
97-091997.4Financial Restructuring in AustraliaKevin Davis
97-101997.4Restructuring: The New Zealand ExperienceRichard Mulgan
97-111997.4An Empirical Investigation of Cost Efficiencies in Japanese Banking: A Non-Parametric ApproachKeiichi Hori
97-121997.5Threshold Effect in International Linkage of Stock PricesKenjiro Hirayama, Yoshiro Tsutsui
97-131997.7The Effect of Incomplete Information on the Duopoly of R&D Joint VenturesYoshiro Iida
97-141997.7The Development of the Putting-out System in Modern Japan: The Case of Cotton Weaving IndustryTakeshi Abe
97-171997.9A Reconsideration on Public Investment CriterionMasatoshi Yamada
97-181997.10Ricardo on Income Tax: A NoteTakuo Dome
97-191997.10Bentham and J. S. Mill on Tax ReformTakuo Dome
97-201997.11A Generalization of Continuity and Convexity Conditions for Correspondences in the Economic Equilibrium TheoryKen Urai, Takashi Hayashi
97-211997.11今井保太郎氏談話録中村隆英, 阿部武司, 谷本雅之
97-221997.12Education and Training in Automanufacturing Companies in Japan and Malaysia: A Comparative AnalysisHooi Lai Wan
97-231997.12A Compartive Analysis of Human Resource Management Between Japan and Malaysia in Automanufacturing CompaniesHooi Lai Wan
97-241997.12Intensifying International Linkage of Stock Prices: Cointegration and VEC AnalysisKenjiro Hirayama, Yoshiro Tsutsui
98-011998.3An Estimation of the Investment Thresholds at Large Japanese ManufacturersYuzo Honda, Kazuyuki Suzuki
98-021998.3Invariance, Increase and Decrease: A Generalization and Comparative Statics of the Warr's TheoremMasatoshi Yamada
98-031998.3An Extended DEA Model: Appending and Additional Input to Make All DMUs on the BoundaryEiji Takeda
98-041998.4Establishing Group Dominance in Multicriteria Decision Problems with Incomplete InformationEiji Takeda, Junko Satoh
98-051998.7都市規模とごみ排出傾向の実証分析坂田裕輔, 橋本介三
98-071998.7International Linkage of Stock Prices: Appropriate Lag Specification for Daily ObservationsYoshiro Tsutsui, Kenjiro Hirayama
98-081998.9Estimation of the Common and Country-Specific Shock to Stock PricesYoshiro Tsutsui, Kenjiro Hirayama
98-091998.10Sir James Steuart on Taxation and Public DebtTakuo Dome
99-011999.1General Equilibrium Analysis of Demand-Creating ActivitiesAtsuo Utaka
99-021999.2銀行の経営合理化筒井義郎, 竹内哲治, 粕谷宗久
99-041999.3Price Analysis of Tradable Emission Permits of CO2by a Real Option ModelMotoo Tsujimura
99-051999.3Public Investment Rule in a Continuously Growing Economy ReexaminedMasatoshi Yamada
99-091999.7Consumers' Different Preferences and Firms' LocationsNaotaka Horio
99-111999.8中国の対外開放政策の現状について-大連経済技術開発区を中心にした事例分析-橋本介三, 裘春暉
99-131999.9Appropriate Lag Specification for Daily Responses of International Stock MarketsYoshiro Tsutsui, Kenjiro Hirayama
99-151999.10The Minimum Utility Assumption in a Temporary General Equilibrium Model with BankruptcyAkihiko Yoshimachi
99-161999.12A 'Stadards-Based' Solution to the Problem of Externalities When Enforecemnt Is ImperfectShingo Nagamatsu
99-171999.12Bank Bailout, Moral Hazard,and Allocative EfficiencyYasuo Maeda, Akira Momota
00-022000.4Social-Welfare Improving Inequalization: A NoteMasatoshi Yamada
00-032000.5Global Instability in Experimental General Equilibrium: The Scarf ExampleChristopher M. Anderson, Sander Granat, Charles R. Plott, Ken-Ichi Shimomura
00-082000.7Geographical Segmentation in Japanese Bank Loan MarketsMasaji Kano, Yoshiro Tsutsui
00-092000.8Stock Prices in Japan Rise at NightYoshiro Tsutsui
00-122000.9Are International Portfolio Adjustments a Cause of Comovements in Stock Prices?Yoshiro Tsutsui, Kenjiro Hirayama
00-132000.9The Interdependence and Its Cause of Japanese and U.S. Stock Prices: An Event StudyYoshiro Tsutsui
00-152000.9Long-run Neutralized Effects of International Transfers on the EnvironmentTetsuo Ono, Yasuo Maeda
00-172000.10The East Asian Path of Economic Development: A Long-Term PerspectiveKaoru Sugihara
00-182000.10A Genetic Algorithm Approach for Design of Index FundSangheon Han, Yoshio Tabata
01-032001.2How Do the Japanese Define a Volunteer? Testing the Net Cost HypothesisKiriko Asano, Naoto Yamauchi
01-042001.4A Sufficient Condition for Consistent Majority Decission in an Economic DomainMasatoshi Yamada
01-052001.4現地調達率と現地市場裘春暉, 橋本介三, 松繁寿和
01-082001.4Dynamic Stability, Paradoxical Comparative Statics and Factor-Market Distortions in an Economy with Three Production SectorsMurray C. Kemp, Masatoshi Yamada
01-112001.7賃金と査定に見られる成果主義導入の効果:企業内マイクロデータによる分析梅崎修, 中嶋哲夫, 松繁寿和
01-152001.7大連経済技術開発区のインフラの整備状況と優遇政策動向張克, 橋本介三
01-162001.7A Reconciliation of Optimal Tax Rules in a Dynamic EconomyMasatoshi Yamada
01-172001.11The Role of Public Capital on Regional Economic Development and Disparity in Thai EconomyWorawet Suwanrada
02-032002.3An Elucidation of Debt Neutrality and Equivalence with Tax FinanceMasatoshi Yamada
02-042002.3Why There Isn’t a Complete Description of the Human Society I: The Rationality and IndividualsKen Urai
02-052002.3Why There Isn’t a Complete Description of the Human Society II: The Society and Social ValuesKen Urai
02-062002.3Existence of Equilibrium with Non-Convex Constraint Correspondences: Including an Application for the Default EconomyKen Urai, Akihiko Yoshimachi
02-072002.3Optimal Dividend Policy with Transaction Costs under a Brownian Cash ReserveMasamitsu Ohnishi, Motoh Tsujimura
02-082002.3Optimal Natural Resources Management under Uncertainty with Catastrophic RiskMotoh Tsujimura
02-092002.6Has the Competition in the Japanese Banking Sector Improved ?Hirofumi Uchida, Yoshiro Tsutsui
02-102002.6Competition in Japanese Securities IndustryAkiko Kamesaka, Yoshiro Tsutsui
02-132002.8Peer Pressure and Incentives in the WorkplaceKohei Daido
02-142002.8Risk-Averse Agents with Peer PressureKohei Daido
02-162002.8Cooperative Investments and Transfer PricingAtsushi Shiiba, Hiroji Takao
02-172002.9Is the Government Failure Theory Still Relevant?: A Panel Analysis Using U.S. State Level DataYoshiho Matsunaga, Naoto Yamauchi
02-202002.12Reconsideration of the Crowding-out Effect with Non-Linear Contribution TechnologyKeisuke Hattori
02-212002.12Technological Progress May Reduce WelfareKeisuke Hattori
03-042003.1Market Efficiency and International Linkage of Stock Prices: An Analysis with High Frequency DataKenjiro Hirayama, Yoshiro Tsutsui
03-132003.8Peer Pressure and IncentivesKohei Daido
03-142003.11Availability of Higher Education and Long-Term Economic GrowthAkiomi Kitagawa, Ryo Horii, Koichi Futagami
04-012004.1Rational Addiction with an Optimal Inventory:Theory and Evidence from Japanese Daily and Monthly PurchasesJunmin Wan
04-032004.3Dominant Strategy Implementation in Pure Exchange EconomiesHideki Mizukami, Takuma Wakayama
04-072004.4Habit Formation, Irreversible Capital Investment, and UnemploymentTakayuki Ogawa
04-082004.4Consumption Satiation and Balanced-Budget MultipliersTakayuki Ogawa
04-112004.6Rational Addiction, Tax Revenues and Tobacco ControlJunmin Wan
04-122004.6Response to Health Information: Evidence from Cigarette Consumption and Intake of Nicotine and Tar in JapanJunmin Wan
04-132004.6Response of Consumers to the Mandatory Disclosure of Information: Evidence from Japanese Inter-Brand Cigarette SalesJunmin Wan
04-162004.9Juvenile Crime and Punishment: Evidence from JapanTatsushi Oka
05-042005.3Analysis of Optimal Taxation in an OLG Model: From the Viewpoint of Time-ConsistencyYusuke Kinai
05-062005.3IT Usage by SMEs in Japan: A Comparative Study of Higashiosaka and Ohta Ward, Tokyo SUMMARYMasatsugu Tsuji, Hiroaki Miyoshi, Teruyuki Bunno, Hiroki Idota, Masaru Ogawa, Etsuko Tsutsumi, Machiko Nakanishi, Noah Smith
05-082005.4Finance, Technology and Inequality in Economic DevelopmentRyo Horii, Ryoji Ohdoi, Kazuhiro Yamamoto
05-232005.8Economic Growth with Imperfect Protection of Intellectual Property RightsRyo Horii, Tatsuro Iwaisako
05-242005.9Impacts of Tourism and Fiscal Expenditure to Remote Islands: The Case of the Amami Islands in JapanNoriko Ishikawa, Mototsugu Fukushige
05-262005.10Wavelet Based Multi-Grid Analysis, Wavelet Galerkin Method and Their Applications to American Option: A SurveyKen-ichi Mitsui, Yoshio Tabata
05-282005.10Who Expects the Municipalities to Take the Initiative in Tourism Development? Residents' Attitudes of Amami Oshima Island in JapanNoriko Ishikawa, Mototsugu Fukushige
05-322005.12Hedonic Prices and Multitask IncentivesMasaki Nakabayashi
06-012006.1Impact of BSE and Bird Flu on Comsumers' Meat Demand in JapanTakashi Ishida, Noriko Ishikawa, Mototsugu Fukushige
06-062006.2Dynamic Analysis of Innovation and Licensing: The Effects of Intellectual Property Rights ProtectionHitoshi Tanaka, Tatsuro Iwaisako, Koichi Futagami
06-082006.3A Lost Decade Revisited: Zombie Firms and Inefficient Labor AllocationTakanori Tanaka
06-112006.5Decomposing Interregional Differentials in Productivities: An Empirical Analysis for Japanese DataMototsugu Fukushige, Noriko Ishikawa
06-282006.11The Formation of the Efficient Market in Tokugawa JapanYasuo Takatsuki
07-032007.2Test of Unbiasedness of the Integrated Covariance Estimation in the Presence of NoiseMasato Ubukata, Kosuke Oya
07-292007.7Variety Expansion and Fertility RateAkiko Maruyama, Kazuhiro Yamamoto
07-312007.8Markov Perfect Political Equilibria with Public Policy: The Role of Education CostRyo Arawatari, Tetsuo Ono
07-322007.8Endogenous Political InstabilityRyo Arawatari, Kazuo Mino
08-042008.1A Second Chance at Success: A Political Economy PerspectiveRyo Arawatari, Tetsuo Ono
08-062008.2What Is the Cause of the Predictive Power of the Term Spread?Hiroshi Nakaota
08-072008.2How Many Times Did Structural Changes in the Relationship between the Term Spread and Future Real Economic Activity Occur in Japan?Hiroshi Nakaota, Yuichi Fukuta
08-182008.4The Political Economy of Occupational Mobility and Redistribution PolicyRyo Arawatari, Tetsuo Ono
08-332008.9Credit Crunch: A Lesson from the Japanese CaseDaisuke Ishikawa, Yoshiro Tsutsui
09-042009.2Exit and Voice in a Marriage MarketAkiko Maruyama, Takashi Shimizu, Kazuhiro Yamamoto
09-122009.4Inequality, Mobility and Redistributive PoliticsRyo Arawatari, Tetsuo Ono
09-132009.5Market Diffusion with Consumer-Based Bilateral LearningHiroshi Kitamura
09-152009.5Rational ConsumersKohei Kubota, Mototsugu Fukushige
09-182009.6A Model of Urban DemographyHiroshi Aiura, Yasuhiro Sato
09-242009.8A Welfare Analysis of Global Patent Protection in a Model with Endogenous Innovation and Foreign Direct InvestmentHitoshi Tanaka, Tatsuro Iwaisako, Koichi Futagami
09-362009.10Optimal Structure of Monetary Policy CommitteesKeiichi Morimoto
09-382009.11The Political Economy of Social Security and Public Goods Provision in a Borrowing-Constrained EconomyRyo Arawatari, Tetsuo Ono
09-402009.12Incorporating Water Purification in Efficiency Evaluation: Evidence from Japanese Water UtilitiesTheara Horn
10-042010.2Retirement and Social Security: A Political Economy PerspectiveRyo Arawatari, Tetsuo Ono


Discussion paper / 大阪大学社会経済研究所

1221982.8Dynamic Assessment of Financial, Monetary and Real Disturbances in a Three-Country World: Derivation of a Basic InequalityMasanao Aoki
1251983.6Demand-Supply Constraints and Inventory Stock in Macroeconomic AnalysisHiroshi Yoshikawa
1261983.10Financial Volatility and the q Theory of InvestmentKazuo Ueda, Hiroshi Yoshikawa
1271983.10Optimal Growth Paths and Multiple Turnpikes in a Decomposable EconomyJinkichi Tsukui, József Móczár
1281984.8The Cost of Communication in Economic Organization: IIHajime Oniki
1291985.1International Joint Venture and Controls over Foreign OwnershipYoshiyasu Ono
1301985.2Conceptual Schema for a Wide-Scope Statistical Database: Its Concept and ExperienceHideto Sato
1311985.3Technology Transfer through Direct Foreign InvestmentSueo Sekiguchi
1341985.6輸出入にかかる共同行為-輸入組合・輸出組合-関口末夫, 松村敦子
1351985.11Partial Fraction Expansion of Laplace Transforms for Solving Perfect Foresight ModelsMasanao Aoki
1361985.11Business Cycles in Japan: Macro vs. Micro Shocks and Their Effects on Industrial ProductionHiroshi Yoshikawa, Fumio Ohtake
1371986.4The Global Correspondence Principle: A GeneralizationJagdish N. Bhagwati, Richard A. Brecher, Tatsuo Hatta
1381986.5Tax Reform and Strong SubstitutesTatsuo Hatta, John Haltiwanger
1391986.6Oligopoly, Information and WelfareYasuhiro Sakai, Takehiko Yamato
1401986.7Balasko's Theorem on the Transfer Problem: Production and l CommoditiesKiyoshi Kuga
1441986.9国民医療費の対国民所得比率について吉川洋, 漆博雄
1451986.10Temporal DBとTime Series佐藤英人
1461987.1Intersectoral Linkages as an Approach to the Measurement of the Economic Integration in ZaireKamiantako Miyamueni, Mukoko Samba
1471987.2Conpensated DemandTatsuo Hatta
1481987.2The Rationality of Accepting Compounds of Unattractive GamblesChew Soo Hong, Larry G. Epstein
1491987.2Le Chatelier PrincipleTatsuo Hatta
1501987.1Non-Expected Utility Preferences in a Temporal Framework with an Application to Consumption-Savings Behaviour1Chew Soo Hong, Larry G. Epstein
1511987.2On the Exchange of Cost Information in a Bertrand-Type Duopoly ModelYasuhiro Sakai, Takehiko Yamato
1521987.6Optimal Development Strategy for the Zairean EconomyKamiantako Miyamueni, Jinkichi Tsukui
1531987.4Helping Minor Firms Reduces WelfareSajal Lahiri, Yoshiyasu Ono
1541987.10On the Equilibrium Yen Dollar RateHiroshi Yoshikawa
1551987.10Fixed Investment in JapanHiroshi Yoshikawa
1561987.10Foreign Penetration and National Welfare under OligopolyYoshiyasu Ono
1611988.2Economic Growth and Trade Policies in the Presence of MonopolySajal Lahiri, Yoshiyasu Ono
1621988.2One-Sided Uncertainty about Future Fiscal PolicyBetty C. Daniel
1641988.5Involuntary Unemployment as Disequilibrium Steady State in a Monetary EconomyYoshiyasu Ono
1651988.5Effective Tax Rates and Tobin's qYasushi Iwamoto
1661988.5Relative Commodity Tax Rates under Optimal Non-Linear TaxTatsuo Hatta, Hideo Konishi, Makoto Okamura
1671988.5Fast and Slow Adjustment for the Reserve Position and Interest RateS. N. Afriat
1681988.5Towards a Theory of Inward Direct InvestmentRoger Strange
1691988.6Terms of Trade and Welfare: A General AnalysisSajal Lahiri, Yoshiyasu Ono
1701988.7Agricultural Development and the Incidence of Labour Intensive Farming: A Theoretical AnalysisSajal Lahiri
1711988.7An Analysis of Female Labor Supply, Housing Demand and the Saving Rate in JapanHiroshi Yoshikawa, Fumio Ohtake
1721988.8On the Existence of Pareto Optima and Interest Competitive Equilibria in the Generation-Overlapping Exchange EconomyKen Urai
1751988.10The Continuous-Time APT with Diffusion Factors and Rational Expectations: A SynthesisShinsuke Ikeda
1761988.11An Oligopolistic Extension of the Heckscher-Ohlin ModelSajal Lahiri, Yoshiyasu Ono
1781989.1Systematic Departures from Minimum Cost Performance: A Framework for the Analysis of Firm InefficiencyDavid Reifschneider, Rodney Stevenson
1791989.2On the Robustness of Tests of Outliers and Functional FormMichael McAleer, Y. K. Tse
1801989.3Competition in the American Electric Utility IndustryDavid W. Penn, Rodney Stevenson
1811989.3Productivity Effects of Layoffs and Transfers in Implicit Contract TheoryTakao Kato
1821989.4Why Is Japan's Household Saving Rate So High? A Literature SurveyCharles Yuji Horioka
1831989.4Modelling Destination Choice Behaviour of International Tourists: An Application to Japanese TouristsNicole Lemire, Tae H. Oum
1841989.4The Rao-Zyskind Condition and the Efficiency of Some Least Squares EstimatorsMichael McAleer
1851989.4An Exploratory Model of the Micro-Mechanism of China's Industrial SectorHuang Yuxiang
1861989.5Keynesian and New Classical Models of Unemployment RevisitedMichael McAleer, C.R. McKenzie
1871989.6An Enginnering Scheme for the Price-Tax-Budget Reform of China's Industrial SectorHuang Yuxiang
1881989.6Distributional Considerations of Producers' Profit in a Tax Design ProblemYasushi Iwamoto, Hideo Konishi
1891989.6The Determinants of Japan's Saving Rate: The Impact of the Age Structure of the Population and Other FactorsCharles Yuji Horioka
1901989.8Patterns of Macroeconomic Adjustment in a Multi-Country Monetary Economy with Perfect-Foresight Utility MaximizationShinsuke Ikeda, Yoshiyasu Ono
1911989.8Wage-Setting Institutions, Discretionary Monetary Policy and InflationShigeru Matsukawa
1921989.8On the Economic Theory of FertilityKiyoshi Kuga, Ken Urai
1931989.9Arbitrage Asset Pricing under Exchange RiskShinsuke Ikeda
1941989.9Delay of Gratification, Time Preference and Japanese Economic DevelopmentTuvia Blumenthal
1951989.9The Economics of Intellectual Property in a World without FrontiersMeheroo Jussawalla
1961989.8The Effects of Misspecification in Estimating the Percentiles of Some Two- and Three- Parameter DistributionsJun Bai, Anthony J. Jakeman, Michael McAleer
1971989.9Joint Tests of Non-Nested Models and General Error SpecificationsAnil K. Bera, Michael McAleer, M. Hashem Pesaran
1981989.10教育費のための貯蓄の重要性についてチャールズ・ユウジ・ホリオカ, 望月徹, 中川和明, 豊沢敏
1991989.10Consumption and Saving in Postwar JapanCharles Yuji Horioka
2001989.11Capital Income Taxation and the Current Account in a Small Open EconomyYasushi Iwamoto, Akihisa Shibata
2011989.11Properties of Ordinary Least Squares Estimators in Regression Models with Non-Spherical DisturbancesDenzil G. Fiebig, Michael McAleer, Robert Bartels
2021989.11Basic Analytics of Economic Integration in International OligopolyKazuharu Kiyono
2031989.11Intertemporal and Intratemporal Aspects of the Money Rate of Interest and Keynesian StagnationYoshiyasu Ono
2041989.11Neoclassical vs. Keynesian Economy under Dynamic OptimizationYoshiyasu Ono
2051989.11A Dynamic Perspective on R&D as a Determinant of Japanese and American Trade Flows: A Disaggregate AnalysisRobert F. Owen, Sybrand Schim van der Loeff
2061989.11Class Mobility and Distribution of Income and WealthKiyoshi Kuga
2071989.11Seasonality and Optimum Money Supply Rule in a Macromodel with Contractual Wage-SettingShigeru Matsukawa
2081989.11Saving, IS Balances, and U.S.-Japan Trade and Investment FrictionCharles Yuji Horioka
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2101989.12Managerial Internal Labor Markets and Executive Compensation: A Comparison of Japan and the United StatesTakao Kato, Mark Rockel
2111989.12Direct System of Economies with Inverse System of Price SpacesKen Urai
2121989.12Is Wage Indexation Inflationary?Shigeru Matsukawa
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2141989.12'The Law of Demand': An Empirical Test of the Homogeneity and Symmetry Conditions of the Slutsky EquationAtsushi Maki
2171990.3結婚資金のための貯蓄の重要度についてチャールズ・ユウジ・ホリオカ, 望月徹, 中川和明, 豊沢敏
2181990.5Export Monopoly in Quantitative Import Restrictions and Price ArbitrageKazuharu Kiyono
2191990.5Existence of Equilibria in Direct Systems of EconomiesKen Urai
2201990.6International Tax Coordination, Economic Integration and Welfare: A Game-Theoretic ApproachRobert F. Owen, Hans J. Peters
2211990.6SanctionsJonathan Eaton, Maxim Engers
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2241990.8Japan's Juken IndustryTuvia Blumenthal
2251990.8The Importance of Life Cycle Saving in Japan: A Novel Estimation MethodCharles Yuji Horioka
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2291990.8Determinants of Executive Compensation in Japan and the United States: Evidence from New Micro DataTakao Kato
2301990.9Wealth Effects and Permanent Inequality under Dynamic OptimizationYoshiyasu Ono
2311990.9Time Preference, International Capital Mobility and Optimum Asset AccumulationMasahiro Kawai, Ryuhei Okumura
2321990.9Spill-Over Effects of Supply-Side Changes in a Two-Country Economy with Capital AccumulationYoshiyasu Ono, Akihisa Shibata
2331990.10Rents and Instability in Contestable MarketsHajime Miyazaki
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2371990.12Twin-Humped Wealth and Liquidity Constraints: A Cross-Sectional Analysis of Housing Purchasing Behavior of Japanese HouseholdsAtsushi Maki
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2391990.12Future Trends in Japan's Saving Rate and the Implications Thereof for Japan's External ImbalanceCharles Yuji Horioka
2401991.1Japan's Demand for Foreign Securities in the 1980sMasahiro Kawai
2411991.3Comparing Vertical RestraintsHoward P. Marvel, Stephen McCafferty
2421991.3Contracting Problems and Public Sector OrganizationMary K. Marvel, Howard P. Marvel
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2441991.3The Wage-Tenure Profile: Growth and CyclesYasushi Ohkusa, Souichi Ohta
2451991.3Optimal Access Charges in Mixed OligopolyKazuharu Kiyono
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2481991.8Saving in JapanCharles Yuji Horioka
2491991.8Bequest Motives of Aged Households in JapanFumio Ohtake
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2511991.9Completing Harold Hotelling's Proof of the Optimality of Marginal Cost PricingAtsushi Tsuneki
2521991.9Commuting and Land Prices in the Tokyo Metropolitan AreaTatsuo Hatta, Toru Ohkawara
2531991.9User Cost of Land InvestmentAtsushi Yoshida
2541991.10Social Welfare Rankings of Income Distributions: Alternative Views of Efficiency PreferenceTateo Yoshida
2551991.11単身者世帯の消費支出の推計 1984-88年西山茂
2561991.11Hyper-Price Approach, Non-Convex Preferences, and EquilibriumKiyoshi Kuga
2571991.11Reducible von Neumann Models Revisited: Some New ResultsJózsef Móczár
2581991.12Formation of Human Capital, Hierarchy, and Labor Hoarding in RBC ModelYasushi Ohkusa
2591991.12Trade, Capital Accumulation, and WelfareYoshiyasu Ono, Akihisa Shibata
2601992.1Some General Equilibrium Aspects of a Labour-Managed Economy with Monopoly ElementsHugh M. Neary
2611992.1Reasonableness of Risk Premium: A Study of the Term Structure with Risk Premium of JapanAtsushi Yoshida
2621992.1Project Evaluation Rules for the Provision of Public Goods ReconsideredAtsushi Tsuneki
2631992.1A General Theorem on Tariff HarmonizationAtsushi Tsuneki
2641992.1Fiscal Policy, International Wealth Distribution, and WelfareYoshiyasu Ono, Shinsuke Ikeda
2651992.2The Nakasone-Takeshita Tax Reform: A Critical EvaluationTatsuo Hatta
2661992.2Tariffs, Quotas, and Leveling the Playing FieldsHideki Konishi
2671992.2Tariff Wars, Retaliation, and Managed TradeJonathan Eaton, Yoshiyasu Ono
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2701992.6Intended Bequest Motives, Savings and Life Insurance DemandHiroyuki Chuma
2711992.6The Determinants of Japan's Household Saving Rate: A Cointegration AnalysisCharles Yuji Horioka
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2731992.6Keiretsu and Closedness of the Japanese Market: An Economic AppraisalPaul Sheard
2741992.6プロ野球監督の労働市場-生産性、年俸および離職率-大竹文雄, 大日康史
2751992.7A Test for Heteroskedasticity in Two Error Components ModelsAtsushi Yoshida
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2771992.9Stock Boom and Flow Stagnation under Wealth PreferenceYoshiyasu Ono
2781992.9Testing the Matching Hypothesis: The Case of Professional Baseball in Japan with Comparisons to the USFumio Ohtake, Yasushi Ohkusa
2791992.9R&D, Market Share, and WelfareSajal Lahiri, Yoshiyasu Ono
2801992.9Solving the Linear Stationary Point Problem on PolytopesKazuya Kamiya, Dolf Talman
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2821992.9The Determinants of Labor Disputes in Japan: A Comparison with the U.S.Fumio Ohtake, Joseph Tracy
2831992.9Long-Term Horizons and the Japanese FirmPaul Sheard
2841992.10Pareto-Improving Changes of Tariffs and TaxesAtsushi Tsuneki
2851992.11Sequential Equilibria and Stable Sets of BeliefsJohn Hillas
2861992.12Amemiya's PGLS for Two Error Components Models with a Heteroskedastic Error ComponentAtsushi Yoshida
2871992.12The Impact of the Age Structure of the Population on the Household Saving Rate in Japan: A Cointegration AnalysisCharles Yuji Horioka
2881993.2A New Interpretation of Harold Hotelling's Proof of the Optimality of Marginal Cost PricingAtsushi Tsuneki
2891993.2The Measurement of Waste with Nonconvex TechnologyAtsushi Tsuneki
2901993.2On the Optimal Size of Economic Organizations: The Benefits and Costs of Centralization and DecentralizationHajime Oniki
2911993.2Optimal Cost Allocation Rule in General Equilibrium ModelsKazuya Kamiya
2921993.2On the Correction of Trade Distortions in a Small Open EconomySajal Lahiri, Pascalis Raimondos
2931993.3Almost Uniform Commodity Taxation Doctrine: Equilibrium and EfficiencyJun Iritani, Kiyoshi Kuga
2941993.4Optimal Public Utility Pricing: A General Equilibrium AnalysisKazuya Kamiya
2951993.5Employeeism, Corporate Governance and the J-FirmHajime Miyazaki
2961993.5Amemiya's PGLS for Nonlinear Two Error Components ModelsAtsushi Yoshida
2971993.5Shadow-Pricing Interpretation of the Pigovian Rule for the Optimal Provision of Public GoodsAtsushi Tsuneki
297-R1998.7Shadow-Pricing Interpretation of the Pigovian Rule for the Optimal Provision of Public GoodsAtsushi Tsuneki
2981993.5Macrocontrol Is the Guarantee of the Development of Market Economy: Observe China's Market Economy from the Angle of Japan’s MacrocontrolWu Jiapei
2991994.4Excess Smoothness of Consumption in JapanMototsugu Shintani
3001993.6Durbin-Wu-Hausman Test for Nonlinear Two Error Components Models Robust to HeteroskedasticityAtsushi Yoshida
3011993.6The Location of Decision-Making in the FirmDonald W. Katzner
3021993.7日本国政府の年金純債務八田達夫, 小口登良
3031993.8Multinational Firms, Technology Diffusion and TradeWilfred J. Ethier, James R. Markusen
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3071993.8Family Expenditures as Outcomes of Reciprocal CaringKiyoshi Kuga
3081993.9Is Japan's Household Saving Rate Really High?Charles Yuji Horioka
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3111993.11Cointegration and Tests of the Permanent Income Hypothesis: Japanese Evidence with International ComparisonsMototsugu Shintani
3121993.12The Productivity Effects of the Liberalization of Japanese Telecommunication PolicyHajime Oniki, Tae Hoon Oum, Rodney Stevenson, Vimin Zhang
3131993.12ネットワーク産業としての電気通信 広帯域通信(BISDN)時代における電気通信産業組織鬼木甫
3141994.1Budget Constraint of a Firm and Economic TheoryKiyoshi Kuga
3151994.1Extension of "Voting by Committees" to a Model with Multiple Consumption LevelShigehiro Serizawa
3161994.1An Impossibility Theorem in Pure Public Goods Economies with Feasibility Constraints: Voting by Committees in Non-Rectangular Feasible SetsShigehiro Serizawa
3171994.1Power of Voters and Domain of Preferences where Voting by Committees Is Strategy-ProofShigehiro Serizawa
3181994.1Strategy-Proof and Individually Rational Social Choice Functions for Public Good EconomiesShigehiro Serizawa
3191994.2Specification Tests for Stochastic Frontier Models Using Panel DataAtsushi Yoshida, Keiichi Hori
3201994.2Long-Run SpecializationYoshiyasu Ono, Akihisa Shibata
3211994.3Effective Demand Shortage in a Two-Country Economy and the Role of Key Currency: A Mundell-Fleming Model with Dynamic OptimizationYoshiyasu Ono
3221994.3長江(揚子江)流域の産業構造と経済成長森口親司, 任兆璋
3231994.3Entrepreneurial Development in Late industrialization: A Transaction Costs AnalysisYoon Chang-Ho
3241994.3Japanese Telecommunications as Network Industry: Industrial Organization for the BISDN Generation TechnologyHajime Oniki
3251994.5日本の銀行業の費用効率性堀敬一, 吉田あつし
3261994.5Generalized Two Error Components Models: Estimation and Hausman's Specification TestsAtsushi Yoshida
3271994.5Specification Tests for Fixed Effect Models: Asymptotic Extension of Covariance AnalysisAtsushi Yoshida
3281994.6A Reexamination of Harold Hotelling's Proof of the Optimality of Marginal Cost PricingAtsushi Tsuneki
3301994.6Capital Mobility in the World Economy: An Alternative MeasureAkihisa Shibata, Mototsugu Shintani
3311994.6Unemployment Compensation Finance and Efficiency WagesJames W. Albrecht, Susan B. Vroman
3331994.7Cournot Duopoly with Two Production Periods Yields Stackelberg OutcomesToshihiro Matsumura
3341994.8Professor Yamada on Optimal TaxationJun Iritani, Kiyoshi Kuga
3351994.8Endogenous Timing in Multi-stage Duopoly GamesToshihiro Matsumura
3361994.8Equal and Unequal Treatments of Prices in Natural ImplementationTatsuyoshi Saijo, Yoshikatsu Tatamitani, Takehiko Yamato
3371994.8Cournot Duopoly with Multi-Period Competition: Inventory as a Coordination DeviceToshihiro Matsumura
3381994.8The Tragedy of the Commons Revisited: Identifying Behavioral PrinciplesMasaru Ito, Tatsuyoshi Saijo, Masashi Une
3391994.8A Note on the Competitive Allocations in a Market with Indivisible GoodsJun Wako
3401994.8Toward Natural ImplementationTatsuyoshi Saijo, Yoshikatsu Tatamitani, Takehiko Yamato
3411994.9Revelation of Private Information about Unpaid Notes in the Trade Credit Bill System in JapanToshihiro Matsumura, Marc Ryser
3421994.9Why Not Set Tariffs Uniformly Rather than OptimallyTatsuo Hatta
3431994.9The Net Pension Debt of the Japanese GovernmentTatsuo Hatta, Noriyuki Oguchi
3461994.9日本人はなぜ貯蓄をするのか?-マイクロ・データによる分析を踏まえて-チャールズ・ユウジ・ホリオカ, 横田直人, 宮地俊行
3471994.9日本の公的年金の再分配効果小口登良, 木村陽子, 八田達夫
3481994.10Endogenous Timing in Switch of Technology with Marshallian ExternalitiesToshihiro Matsumura, Masako Ueda
3491994.10Endogenous Timing in Cournot DuopolyToshihiro Matsumura
3501994.10Why Do People Save? An Analysis of Motives for Household Saving in JapanCharles Yuji Horioka, Naoto Yokota, Toshiyuki Miyaji
3511994.10"Dango" ExperimentsTatsuyoshi Saijo, Masashi Une, Toru Yamaguchi
3521994.11Characterizing Neutrality in the Voluntary Contribution MechanismTatsuyoshi Saijo, Yoshikatsu Tatamitani
3531994.11Asymmetric Oligopoly, International Trade, and Welfare: A SynthesisSajal Lahiri, Yoshiyasu Ono
3541994.12Market Segmentation and Effective Demand Shortage in a World Economy with Dynamic OptimizationYoshiyasu Ono
3551994.12Strategy-Proof, Individually Rational and Symmetric Social Choice Function for Discrete Public Good EconomiesShigehiro Serizawa
3561994.12On the Resolution of the Boundary Problem through the Wealth Maximization Criterion: A Critique of PosnerAtsushi Tsuneki
3571994.12A Two-stage Price-Setting Duopoly with Endogenous Timing: Bertrand or Stackelberg EquilibriaToshihiro Matsumura
3581994.12Maximal Domains for the Existence of Strategy-Proof RulesStephen Ching, Shigehiro Serizawa
3601995.1The Effects of Airline Codesharing Agreements on International Air FaresTae H. Oum
3611995.1Competition and Allocative Efficiency: The Case of the U.S. Telephone Services IndustryTae Hoon Oum, Yimin Zhang
3621995.1談合実験:制限付き一般競争入札の有効性宇根正志, 西條辰義
3631995.2A Comparative Study of Productivity and Cost Competitiveness of the World's Major AirlinesTae Hoon Oum
3641995.2Voluntary Contributions to Public Goods and the Hegemon Theory of International Public GoodsChin Lim
3651995.3How to Account for the Diversity Observed in Voluntary Collective ActionYuval Shilony
3661995.3A Survey of Managerial Incentives and Investment Bias: Common Structure but Differing AssumptionsErik Bohlin
3671995.3How Many Firms Become Leaders?Toshihiro Matsumura
3681995.3A Two-Stage Cournot Duopoly with Inventory CostsToshihiro Matsumura
3691995.4借地借家法と家賃:計量経済分析八田達夫, 赤井伸郎
3701995.4The 'Spite' Dilemma in Voluntary Contribution Mechanism ExperimentsTatsuyoshi Saijo, Hideki Nakamura
3711995.4Characterizing Natural Implementability: The Fair and Walrasian CorrespondencesTatsuyoshi Saijo, Yoshikatsu Tatamitani, Takehiko Yamato
3721995.4Is Japan's Household Saving Rate Really High? A Revision and UpdateCharles Yuji Horioka
3731995.4Land Value and Corporate Investment: Evidence from Japanese Panel DataKazuo Ogawa, Kazuyuki Suzuki
3741995.5An Intertemporal Capital Asset Pricing Model with Stochastic Differential UtilityShinsuke Ikeda
3751995.6Natural Implementation with a Simple PunishmentTatsuyoshi Saijo, Yoshikatsu Tatamitani, Takehiko Yamato
3761995.6Uniform Commodity Taxation and Untaxable Commodities: Equilibrium and EfficiencyJun Iritani, Kiyoshi Kuga
3781995.6An N-Firm Quantity-Setting Oligopoly with Endogenous SequencingToshihiro Matsumura
3791995.6The Marginal Efficiency of Capital and Dynamic OptimizationYoshiyasu Ono
3801995.6A Simple Approach to Arbitrage Asset Pricing in Incomplete MarketsShinsuke Ikeda
3811995.7日本の高齢者は貯蓄を取り崩しているか?-マイクロ・データによる分析を踏まえて-チャールズ・ユウジ・ホリオカ, 春日教測, 山崎勝代
3821995.7An Empirical Re-Evaluation of Wealth Effect in Japanese Household BehaviorKazuo Ogawa, Shin-ichi Kitasaka, Hiroshi Yamaoka, Yasuharu Iwata
3831995.7Market Valuation and the q-Theory of InvestmentKazuo Ogawa, Shin-ichi Kitasaka
3841995.7A Cointegration Analysis of the Impact of the Age Structure of the Population on the Household Saving Rate in JapanCharles Yuji Horioka
3851995.8Broadband Telecommunication Policy in the U.S. and Japan: Innovation, Standardization, and Industry StructureTerry Curtis
3861995.8Time Preference, Intertemporal Substitution, and Dynamics under Consumer InterdependenceShinsuke Ikeda
3871995.8競争・公平・スパイト・談合:日本企業システムへの実験経済学アプローチ宇根正志, 西條辰義
3881995.8Capital Gains in Japan: Their Magnitude and Impact on ConsumptionCharles Yuji Horioka
3891995.8Optimal Tariffs in the Presence of MiddlemenSajal Lahiri, Yoshiyasu Ono
3901995.9Commodity Taxation and Production EfficiencyJun Iritani, Kiyoshi Kuga
3911995.9The Effects of Demographics on the Japanese Housing MarketFumio Ohtake, Mototsugu Shintani
3921995.9Saving Motives in JapanFumio Ohtake, Charles Yuji Horioka
3931995.10セミ・マーチンゲールの下でのポートフォリオ選択モデルと経時的資産評価モデル澤木勝茂, 林達栄
3941995.10Competition between Public and Private FirmsToshihiro Matsumura
3951995.10Nonparametric Restrictions of Dynamic Optimization Behavior under Risk: The Case of Time-Additive Expected UtilityKazuya Kamiya, Hidehiko Ichimura
3961996.1消費・貯蓄小川一夫, チャールズ・ユウジ・ホリオカ
3971996.2Using Panel Data to Evaluate Growth TheoriesPaul Evans
3981996.2Growth and the Neutrality of MoneyPaul Evans
3991996.3経済環境における社会的選択の分離化西條辰義, 大和毅彦
4001996.3Nonlinear Budget Constrains and Estimation: Effects of Subsidized Home Loans on Housing Decisions in JapanMiki Seko
4011996.4Industrial Dynamics and Structural Change: A Framework for the Analysis of Sectoral Dynamics in a Set of CountriesLionello F. Punzo
4021996.4Do the Aged Dissave in Japan? Evidence from Micro DataCharles Yuji Horioka, Norihiro Kasuga, Katsuyo Yamazaki, Wako Watanabe
4031996.5Job Design and Incentives in Hierarchies with Team ProductionHideshi Itoh
4041996.5Natural and Double Implementation of Public Ownership Solutions in Differentiable Production EconomiesNaoki Yoshihara
4051996.5Wealth, Exploitation and Labor Discipline in the Contemporary Capitalist EconomyNaoki Yoshihara
4061996.5Full Characterizations of Public Ownership SolutionsNaoki Yoshihara
4071996.5A Characterization of Natural and Double Implementation in Production EconomiesNaoki Yoshihara
4081996.5Land Value and Corporate Investment: Evidence from Japanese Panel DataKazuo Ogawa, Kazuyuki Suzuki
4091996.5Demand for Bank Loans under Borrowing Constraints: A Panel Study of Japanese Firm DataKazuo Ogawa, Kazuyuki Suzuki
4101996.5How Important Is Land as a Production Factor for Japanese Manufacturing Industries?Kazuo Ogawa
4111996.6Rate of Return Regulation and the Valuation Basis of Rate Base: The AJ Effect, the Intertemporal Rate Base Effect, and the Book-Valuation EffectYukihiro Kidokoro
4121996.6Why Do People Save? A Micro-Analysis of Motives for Household Saving in JapanCharles Yuji Horioka, Wako Watanabe
4131996.6Potential Welfare Criteria and the Choice of Large ProjectsAtsushi Tsuneki
4141996.6Simultaneous Choice of Current Housing Tenure Choice and Anticipated Co-Residence with Children in JapanMiki Seko
4171996.7Inference in Possibly Integrated Vector Autoregressive Models: Finite Sample EvidenceHiroshi Yamada, Hiro Y. Toda
4181996.7A β-core Existence Result and Its Application to Oligopoly MarketsJingang Zhao
4191996.7戦前期におけるわが国の貨幣需要関数について小川幸恵, 福重元嗣
4201996.7Foreign Direct Investment and the Nature of R&DAmy Jocelyn Glass, Kamal Saggi
4211996.8Non-Wage Compensations, Employment, and HoursMasanori Hashimoto, Jingang Zhao
4221996.9Moral Hazard and Side Trade in Agency ContractsShingo Ishiguro, Hideshi Itoh
4231996.9A Note on Hypothesis Testing Based on the Fully Modified Vector AutoregressionHiroshi Yamada, Hiro Y. Toda
4241996.9Buyer Size and Bargaining PowerTasneem Chipty, Christopher M. Snyder
4251996.9The Trading Mechanisms for Tort LiabilityAtsushi Tsuneki
4261996.11Does Centralised Bargaining Reduce Individual Effort?Giorgio Brunello
4271996.11Education, Training and Labour Market Structure: Italy and Japan in Comparative PerspectiveGiorgio Brunello, Tsuneo Ishikawa
4281996.11Team Production, Kinked Schemes, and Communication: On Budgeting When Linearity HoldsJon Lundesgaard
4291996.11Adverse Selection in Clubs and the Demand for Nondiscriminatory Equal Access Policies vs. QuotasGene E. Mumy
4301996.12分社化と権限移譲-不完備契約アプローチ-伊藤秀史, 林田修
4311996.12日本の景気循環における失業率変動の時系列分析照山博司, 戸田裕之
4321997.1The Employer Size-Wage Effect: Evidence from ItalyGiorgio Brunello, Aldo Colussi
4331997.1Effort Incentives: Evidence from Japanese DataHideshi Itoh, Hiroshi Teruyama
4341997.1Labor Demand and the Structure of Adjustment Costs in JapanAndrew K.G. Hildreth, Fumio Ohtake
4351997.1The Productivity Effects of Information Sharing, Profit-Sharing and ESOPsYasushi Ohkusa, Fumio Ohtake
4361997.3Uncertainty and Investment: Some Evidence from the Panel Data of Japanese Manufacturing FirmsKazuo Ogawa, Kazuyuki Suzuki
4371997.3Partial Welfare Judgements as Preliminaries for Rational Social ChoiceKotaro Suzumura
4381997.3Foreign Direct Investment, Local Content Requirement, and Profit TaxationSajal Lahiri, Yoshiyasu Ono
4391997.3Consequences, Opportunities, and ProceduresKotaro Suzumura
4401997.4Population Aging and Consumption InequalityFumio Ohtake, Makoto Saito
4411997.4Emergence of CooperationTatsuyoshi Saijo, Takehiko Yamato, Konomu Yokotani, Timothy N. Cason
4421997.4Habits, Costly Investment, and Current Account DynamicsShinsuke Ikeda, Ichiro Gombi
4431997.5Impacts of Changing Health Information of Fat and Cholesterol on Consumer Demand: Application of New IndexesWen S. Chern, Jun Zuo
4441997.5Evolution of Economic Systems: The Case of JapanTetsuji Okazaki, Masahiro Okuno-Fujiwara
4451997.6Fundamental Difficulties in the Provision of Public Goods: 'A Solution to the Free-Rider Problem' Twenty Years AfterTatsuyoshi Saijo, Takehiko Yamato
4461997.7Rate-of-Return Regulation, Price-Cap Regulation, and QualityYukihiro Kidokoro
4471997.7Japan's Public Pension System: What's Wrong with It and How to Fix ItCharles Yuji Horioka
4481997.8Undominated Nash Implementation with Collusion and RenegotiationTomas Sjöström
4491997.8Rate-of-Return and Price-Cap Regulations for Urban RailwaysYukihiro Kidokoro
4501997.8Evolution and Interaction of Social NormsAkihiko Matsui, Masahiro Okuno-Fujiwara
4511997.8Brand Extension as Informational LeverageJay Pil Choi
4521997.11Global Environmental Management: Incentives for Abatement Investment Anticipating an International BargainingKazuharu Kiyono, Masahiro Okuno-Fujiwara
4531997.12A Game Form Approach to Theories of Distributive Justice: Formalizing Needs PrincipleReiko Gotoh, Naoki Yoshihara
4541997.12日本人の目的別貯蓄額-1994年の「家計における金融資産選択に関する調査」からのマイクロ・データを用いた推計-チャールズ・ユウジ・ホリオカ, 渡部和孝
4551997.12貯蓄動機・遺産動機の日米比較チャールズ・ユウジ・ホリオカ, 藤崎秀樹, 渡部和孝, 石橋尚平
4561998.3Export-Oriented Foreign Direct Investment and Local Content RequirementSajal Lahiri, Yoshiyasu Ono
4571998.3Characterizations of the Public and Private Ownership SolutionsNaoki Yoshihara
4601998.3A Social Procedure for Choosing Fair Allocation Rules: Formalizing the Rawlsian Principles of JusticeReiko Gotoh, Naoki Yoshihara
4611998.4Liquidity Preference and Persistent Unemployment with Dynamic Optimizing AgentsYoshiyasu Ono, Kazuo Ogawa, Atsushi Yoshida
4621998.5Regulating a Monopoly with Quality Choice under Asymmetric InformationYukihiro Kidokoro
4631998.5Trends and Determinants of Japanese Saving RatesKazuo Ogawa, Kazutomo Abe
4641998.7年金改革と世代間再配分八田達夫, 小口登良, 酒本和加子
4681998.11Weak Entrants Are WelcomeMasahiro Ashiya
4701998.12A U.S.-Japan Comparison of the Importance and Determinants of Retirement SavingCharles Yuji Horioka, Megumi Okui
4711998.12Moral Hazard and Renegotiation with Multiple AgentsShingo Ishiguro, Hidesh Itoh
4721999.1Price-Matching Cannot Sustain Collusion If One or More Consumers Incur Enforcement CostsMasahiro Ashiya
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