Hussey papers
Reel No.    
1 1-A Formation,Personnel and Organization of the Govt Section
1-B Duties of the Govt Section
1-C Work status Reports of the Govt Section
1-D Organizational Charts
1-E Memoranda on Govt Section Responsibilities
2-A Govt Section Personnel
2-B Duties of SCAP Sections and Government Section Memoranda
2-C Government Section Memoranda
2-D Memorandare Field Trips and Books
3-A Eighth Army Trips and Conferences
4-A Far Eastern Commission Documents
4-B FECC Far Eastern Committee of Constitutional and Legal
4-C Far Eastern Commission Reports
2 5-A Structure of Prewar Government
5-B Organizational Charts for Kyushu
6-A Organizational Reports of the Japanese Government 1945
6-B Organizational Reports of the Japanese Government 1946
6-C Organizational Reports of the Japanese Government 1947
6-D Offical Gazette
7 Daily Gazette and SCAP Directives
8-A Studies of Prewar Japanese Government
8-B Studies of the Prewar Japanese Government
8-C Study of the Wartime Economy
3 8-D Governmental Reform
9-A Decentralization and Demilitarization
9-B Reorganization of the Japanese Government
9-C Reorganization of Regional Government
9-D Reorganization of the Jpse Govt.
10-A Penal Codes, Court-martials, and restorations ...
10-B Court-martial Cases
10-C Military Prisoners
10-D Military Prisoners
11-A Demobilization
12-A Demobilization Charts
12-B Demobilization Bureaus
12-C Demobilization Charts & Personnel Rosters
13-A Demobilization Agencies
13-B Proceedings of investigation of Second Demoblization ...
4 14-A Demobilization Rosters
14-B Military Pensions and Benefits
14-C Demobilization Agencies
15-A Retention of Jpse career naval and military officers ...
16-A Occupational Costs
16-B Restitution
16-C Reparations
17-A Electoral System
17-B General Elections
17-C Election Malpractices
17-D Reports on the Elections
18-A Diet Activity
18-B Govt Section Legislative Program
18-C Reform of the Diet
19-A Drafting of the Constitution
19-B Moscow Meeting, Postsdam Declaration and Occupation ...
19-C Drafting the Constitution
5 19-D Drafts of the Constitution
20-A FEC on Constitutional Revision
21-A Konoye-Atcheson Talks on Constitutional Revision
21-B Govt Section and Matsumoto Committee on Constitutional ...
21-C Preliminary Report and Proposals re Constitutional Revision
21-D Morito Draft of the Revised Constitution
22-A Jpse Views re Constitutional Government and the Emperor
22-B Paul De Gyarmathy's Draft of the Revised Constitution
23-A This file is missing
23-B Memorandum and Reports on Govt Section Meetings ...
24-A Draft of the "Preamble" to the Revised Constitution
24-B Draft of Chapter One, "The Emperor", of the Revised ...
24-C Drafts of Chapter Four, "The Diet", of the Revised ...
24-D Drafts of Chapter Seven, "Finance", of the Revised ...
24-E Drafts of Chapter Five, "Cabinet", of the Revised ...
24-F Drafts of Chapter Six, "Judiciary", of the Revised ...
24-G Drafts of Chapter Three, "Rights and Duties of the People
24-H Drafts of Chapter Eight, "Local Self-Government", of ...
24-I Draft of Chapter Ten, "Supreme Law", of the Revised ...
25-A Committees Charged with the Drafting of the New ...
25-B Drafts of the Revised Constitutions
26-A This file is missing
26-B Jpse-American Discussion of the Drafts of the Revised ...
26-C Drafts of the Revised Constitution (up to 4.3.46)
26-D Drafts of the Revised Constitution (after 6.3.46)
27-A Discussion of the Draft of the Revised Constitution
28-A Further Discussion of the Draft of the Revised ...
28-B Memoranda re the draft constitution and additional ...
28-C Additional Drafts of the Revised Constitution
29-A Parties' Revisions of the Draft Constitution
29-B Additional Drafts of the Revised Constitution
30-A Constitutional Reform and other Administrative ...
30-B Further Discussion of the Draft of the Revised Constitution
31-A Promulgation of the New Constitution
6 32-A Documents Related to Drafting of New Constitution
33-A Documents Relating to the New Constitution and Its ....
34-A Press Clippings
[35-49 Lack]
50-A Promulgation of Documents
50-B Re Imperial Decrees and Orders in Force at time of ...
50-C Constitutional and Legal Matters
51-A Public Reaction to the New Constitution
51-B Two Letters re SCAP and Constitution
52-A Press Reaction to Constitution
52-B Censorship of Press and Correspondence
52-C Western Press Clippings
52-D Hussey's Essays on New Constitution
52-E Press Conference of 4.3.47 and Hussey Statement
52-F Jpse Press Reactions to Hussey Statement of 4.3.47
53-A The Society for the Popularization of the Constitution
53-B The Society for the Popularization of the Constitution
53-C Promoting the New Constitution
53-D Promoting the New Constitution
54-A Jpse Govt Pamphlet on New Constitution
55-A Imperial Family
55-B Status of Members of the Imperial House
55-C Imperial Princes and Princesses
56-A Imperial Household Office Law and Cabinet Order No.5
56-B Imperial Household Economy Law
56-C The Imperial House Economy Law
56-D Imperial Family Budget
56-E Imperial Household Personnel
57-A Disposition of Imperial Property
57-B Assets of the Imperial House
57-C Imperial House Holdings-Maps
7 58-A Judiciary
58-B Judicial matters relating to Chinese, Korean, Formosans
58-C Other Judicial Matters
59-A Labor Agitation
59-B Labor Agitation
60-A Final Report of Advisory Committee on Labor in Japan
61-A (XLV-A)
61-B Women
62-A Labor Standards Bill
63-A National Public Service Law Controversy
63-B The Govt Officers Law and the Administrative Offices Law
63-C Labor Exchange Law
64-A Ministry of Welfare
64-B Child Welfare and Medical Examiners
64-C Insurance
64-D Social Security Mission Report
65-A Unemployment Insurance Law
65-B Employment Security Law and Labor Exchange Law
66-A Repatriation Relief Agency
66-B Investigation of Relief Organizations
67-A Education
67-B Higher Education
67-C Education Fund Bill
67-D Student Reaction to the Occupation
8 68-A SCAP Economic and Trade Policy
68-B Proposals of Hisaji Kubo
69-A Economic Conditions in Japan
69-B Economic Stabilization Roard
69-C Public Agencies
69-D Economic Police
69-E Economic Distribution
70-A Financial Institutions Reconstruction and Reorganization
70-B Research Councils
70-C Commodity Allocation and Control
70-D Allocation of Textiles and Gasoline
70-E Public Works
71-A Economic Purge(LV-A)
71-B Economic Purge(LV-B)
72-A Economic Purge(LVI-B)
72-B Economic Purge-Zaibatsu(LVI-B)
73-A Civil Service Reform
73-B Amending Law No.72
73-C Abrogation of Temporary Funds Adjustment Law
73-D Census
73-E Dissolution of the Home Ministry
73-F Foreign Ministry
74-A Press and Radio
74-B Communications
74-C Radio Broadcast Law
75-A Coast Guard
75-B Merchange Marine
76-A SCAP Operation Policy
76-B Investigations of Central Govt Administrative Machinery
77-A Local Govt Administration(LXI-A)
77-B Local Govt Administration(LXI-B)
77-C Field Trip Reports
77-D Local Govt Administration Neighborhood Associations
9 78-A Political Purge
78-B Amnesty
78-C Purge of High-level Govt Appointees
78-D Religious Institutions
79-A Legal Matters
79-B Lese-Majeste
80-A Police
80-B Official and Popular Resistance to SCAP Directives
81-A Political Assassination, Terrorism and Mass Movements
81-B Public Opinion Surveys by Jpse Govt Agencies
81-C Reports on Political Groups
81-D Police
82-A Controlling Prostitution and Related Matters
82-B Mistreatment of Women Picked Up in Prostitute Round-Up
83-A Prohibition of Prostitution
84-A Jpse Claims for Compensation for Damage Caused by Allied ..
84-B Civil Liberties
84-C Civil Liberties-Occupational Personnel
84-D Eta
84-E Right-wing Attacks on the Communists
85-A State Dept Report on Civil Liberties in Japan
85-B Violations of Civil and Political Liberty
85-C Excessive Detention of Prisoners
10 86-A Press: Analyses, Translations and Summaries
86-B Press Conferences(LXX-B)
86-C Press Conferences(LXX-C)
86-D Miscellaneous
87-A Translation from Jiji shimpo
87-B Translations from Kyodo Press
87-C Translation from Okuyama Service
87-D Political Affairs Bulletin
87-E Weekly News Bulletin
87-F Supplement Weekly Activities Report
87-G Press Reaction to Constitution
88-A Draft of Political Reorientation of Japan, Chapter III
88-B Appendix C of Political Reorientation of Japan
88-C Reorganizing the National Government
89-A U.S.Economic Policy Vis-a-vis Japan
89-B Washington-SCAP Messages
89-C Democracy and the State of the Jpse Government
89-D Hussey Correspondence with Oishi Yohio re Future ...
90-A Origins of the Japanese Constitution
90-B The Imperial Institution
91-A Oral History Transcripts
92-A Curriculum Vitae
92-B Project Proposal
92-C Manuscripts
92-D Lectures at the University of Michigan and Association ...
93-A Correspondence
93-B Correspondence with Kades
93-C Correspondence with Douglas MacArthur
93-D Correspondence with Milo Rowell
93-E Correspondence with Ray Sakakibara
11 93-F Constitutional Investigation Committee
93-G Correspondence with Robert Ward
93-H Correspondence with Courtney Whitney
93-I Seeking Emplyment
94-A Letters to the Editor
94-B The Reporter
94-C The New Republic
94-D Columbia University
94-E Connecticut College
94-F Lippincott
94-G Little, Brown
94-H Simon & Schuster
94-I Articles for Publication
94-J Drafts of "Politics in Japan: Is This Democracy?"
95-A MacArthur
95-B Asia
95-C Sino-Soviet Relations
96-A American Civil Liberties Union
96-B Civil Rights
97-A Correspondence with Gordon Bowles, Earl Count, ...
97-B The Official American Overseas
98-A Bibiliographies
98-B Scott Gilbert's "Sociological Intelligence"
98-C Introduction to Overseas Effectiveness
99-A Overseasmenship Material
99-B Overseasmenship Material(CIA)
100-A Organizational Charts of the Japanese Government
101-A Lectures at Counter Intelligence Corps Training School
101-B Lectures at the Temporary Personnel Commission ..
12 102-A The Japanese State
102-B The New Japanese State
102-C Miscellaneous Drafts of Manuscript on the Japanes State
103-A Biblioprhical Materical
104-A Miscellaneous and Misplaced Documents
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