For visitors : Economic Research Center Library
The Economic Research Center Library (ERC Library) collects economic statistics, government publications (e.g. Census), company histories and financial statements etc..
The ERC Library has statistics in English (e.g. publications of IMF, United Nations and World Bank etc.), has also statistics in Chinese and Korean.
Library Hours
Mon.-Fri.  9:00-12:00, 13:00-17:00
Closed Days
Saturdays, Sundays, National Holidays and New Year Holidays (Dec. 28th-Jan. 4th).
Temporary closing will be announced on the website etc.
Please show your ID(student/staff ID of your institution, driving license, etc.) at the service desk when you enter the ERC Library.
Please keep quiet and do not eat or drink in the ERC Library.
Almost all of the materials can be accessed free.
After using, please return them to its place.
You cannot borrow any materials. Only temporary loan for photocopying is available.
About materials in laboratory
When you use an item kept in a research office (OPAC status = in laboratory), you can make a request to use the item, but it may take several days to become available.
For details, please ask at the ERC Library desk.
Copies can be made only in accordance with the Copyright Law.
Before photocopying, fill out an application form for photocopying on the ERC Library desk and take the materials out of the library.
Coin-operated photocopy machines can be found at the Central Library, Co-op shops and so on.
Please return the materials by 17:00 on the same day to the ERC Library desk.
In the ERC Library, there are PCs (installed Windows7 and microsoft office softwares).
You can use them for the purposes of research, education and learning.
When using PC, please apply to the ERC Library desk.
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