Assisting page for TA of First Year Seminar A of the International Programs

TAs of "First Year Seminar A" support the first year students with information on how to search for materials in library and use library facilities. You conduct "Library tour with library material search" for the students attending your class after you participated in "Library guidance for TA of First Year Seminar A of the International Programs".


There is an application and a reporting form for "Library guidance for TA of first Year Seminar A of the International Programs" and materials for "Library tour with library material search" on this page.

You can also use these materials to improve your skills.

Applying for TA Guidance Conducting Library Tour Reporting on Library Tour
Model Course Materials Notice Contact 基礎セミナーFD配布資料 (In Japanese)

Before the new term starts: Applying for participation in "Library guidance for TA of First Seminar A of the International Programs" (Library guidance)

Please send the application form (below) and make sure you are able to attend the Library Guidance.

  • Deadline : September 13 (Thu), 2018
  • How to apply: Online application form ← Ended
  • Necessary information
    • Name, Department, Section/Laboratory, Grade (as of October, 2018)
    • Your Class (day, period and instructor)
    • Contact tel and e-mail
  • Select the date you can attend
    • October 5 (Fri) 15:30-17:00, 16:30-18:00
    • October 9 (Tue) 15:30-17:00, 16:30-18:00
  • If the above schedule is not convenient for you, please let us know by e-mail.: contact
  • In general, you can freely choose from the given dates for guidance. We will inform you about the guidance date and place by e-mail around mid-September.


During the term: Conducting "Library tour with library material search" (Library tour) for the first year students

Please conduct "Library tour with library material search" for students of First Year Seminar A of the International Programs


After conducting the library tour: Reporting on the Library tour

Be sure not to forget to send the report after your briefing.

  • How: Fill in and send the reporting form
  • Duration: the first term TA --> until the end of July, the latter term TA --> until the end of December
  • Contents of report:
    • Information on conducting or not conducting the lecture:
      In case of conducting --> specify the date and time
      In case of not conducting --> specify the reason
    • Contents of the lecture (please select)
    • Impression, etc.


"Library tour with library material search" Model course

  • Please consult with your class teacher about date and contents.

[Standard] Library tour with library material search (interactive) [60min]

Tour guide (Map) (PDF) [2018] New!!
  • A standard course on searching for library materials
  • This is available for distribution in your class.

[Option] Searching for books and journals - The basics of OPAC Search- [30min]

Central Library Virtual Tour

* You can use these virtual tour slides if you can not come to Central Library because the class is held in Daiko or Tsurumai campus.

* These are not self-study materials.



  1. Guide to Nagoya University Central Library (PDF)[2018]
    This has been already distributed to new students. More are available at the Reference Counter in Central Library.
  2. Slides on Library Guidance for TA
    Library Guidance for TA of First Year Seminar A (pptx)[2018] New!!
  3. Guidesheets
    Sheet containing information on how to use the databases and how to renew due date, etc.
    • Guide Sheet List
    • Printout is next to Reference Counter at Central Library 2nd floor.

About materials on this page

  • The materials on this page and Library Homepage are permitted to be used in your class as part of the TA's job. Other use is prohibited.
  • The copyright of materials on this page belongs to Nagoya University Library.
  • Please conduct the tour as effective as possible. For example, it is effective to use the keywords suiting your student's research theme when explaining OPAC search.

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To TA of the class at Daiko and Tsurumai campus

You can use Central Library virtual tour slide if your class is held in Daiko or Tsurumai campus and you cannot come to Central Library.

However, first year students take many classes in Higashiyama Campus and use Central Library space for studying. Hence, you are asked to conduct the actuall library tour, rather than a virtual tour.

Using Seminar Rooms and Satellite Labo at Central Library

You can use Seminar Room A/B and Satellite Labo when you will hold the briefing with PC and projector.

  • Refer to:
    Facilities in Central Library / Circulation Desk
    中央図書館利用案内「施設の利用」 (In Japanese)
  • Please also use Information Media Center Laboratories and Satellite Laboratories in other department.


    Information Literacy Section, Information Service Division, Nagoya University Library
    TEL: 052-789-3679 (Weekdays 8:30-12:00, 13:00-17:15)
    E-mail: kenshu

    基礎セミナーFD配布資料 (In Japanese)

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