Visiting IDE Libraries

About the use of the Library of Institute of Developing Economies (IDE)

In accordance with "The Memorandum about Inter-library Loan between IDE Library and Nagoya University Library", the members (the staffs and students) of Nagoya University are allowed to visit IDE Library and borrow their materials.

  • Necessary procedure
    1. Fill out an application form for IDE Library and get a confirmation stamp at Inter-library Loan/Reference Desk
        in Nagoya University Central Library.
        【Opening Hours: Weekdays 9:00 - 17:00】

    2. Submit the above mentioned application form at the service desk in IDE Library, and receive a library card of
        IDE Library.
        (To be issued on the same day)
        【Opening Hours: Weekdays and, the first and the third Saturdays 10:00 - 18:00】

    ※Student ID card or staff ID card must be presented for above 1. and 2.
    ※Expiration date of the library card is March 31 of each concerned year.

  • Borrowing condition
    Number of books: 10 books
    Loan period: General books (except Reference books and Reference only materials) 30 days
                       Statistics books (except Reference books and Reference only materials) 14 days

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