Science Library, Nagoya University

Access Inquiry

Using facilities & equipment

Multipurpose Room(Room 257 / 259)

  • 12 seats in each room (*24 seats - when partition wall is removed and is used as one room.)
  • 1 projector
  • 1 whiteboard (The wall which divides the two rooms are used as a whiteboard.)
How to use

When you want to use this room for meeting or group study etc., please make a request at the counter.
If there is no reservation, you can freely use the room as a reading room.
 (The reservation of the day is posted on the door of the room.)

Reservation procedure
  • Qualification: School / Grad. School of Science members (*See below)
  • Service hours: 9:00 - 17:00
     (One group can reserve up to 4 hours per day)
  • Application: Please show your NUID card and fill out the application form at the counter.
             You can reserve from 4 weeks ahead and up to noon of the previous day you want to use the room.

※School / Grad. School of Science members...People who belong to School of Science, Graduate School of Science, Graduate School of Mathematics, Graduate School of Environmental Studies and related departments.

※Please contact us at the counter when canceling your reservation.

Audiovisual Room (Room 256)

  • 4 Audiovisual booth seats
  • 1 VHS player
  • 2 DVD player
  • 3 Radio cassette recorder
How to use
  • You can borrow the key of the audiovisual's shelves and the headphone in exchange for your NUID card. Please make a request at the counter.

※Borrowing of audiovisual materials differ depending on the conditions of each material.

Rare Book Room (Room 249)

How to use

A key is necessary when entering the room and using the materials.
Please make a request at the counter.

Reading seats

There are 142 seats for reading.
Please check the place for reading seats on the Library Floor Mappdf.

You can bring your PC freely.
NUWNET(Nagoya University Wireless Network) can be used anywhere in Science Library.
NUID is necessary to login.
(If you use an initial password, please register the user.)
Please be sure to follow the Nagoya University Information Security Guidelines when using.

User PC

There are user PCs in Science Library. Please use them to search materials.
Please check the places of user PCs on the Library Floor Mappdf.