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*Request services are only for Nagoya University members.


General information


<A> Borrowing / ILL records

View Borrowing / ILL records Left menu > Services > Confirmation of use state

You can view details about following services.

  1. Items which you are checking out now.
  2. Status of reservation.
  3. Status of the Interlibrary Loan requests.


<B> Copy order (ILL) & Loan order (ILL)

Make Copy / Loan order (ILL) Left menu > InterLibrary Copy Request / InterLibrary Loan Request

If a book or journal you want is not available in Nagoya University (or your campus), users can order the copy of an article or the actual book.

Guide to Interlibrary Loan Services

  • Pick-up libraryList of libraries inside Nagoya University
    In the libraries which provides ILL service, services such as materials, literal copies ordering, and actual books loan from outside the campus/university are provided.
    When choosing the libraries for using the ILL service, please select Central Library, or the libraries belong to the graduate/undergraduate schools.
  • The cost is paid by applicant in plinciple, but Nagoya University Library bears a part of the charge, because Nagoya University supports students and staffs needs for books and articles necessary for education, research and study.
  • Lending Request: You must follow the libraries' instruction of usage. Sometimes the usage is limited within library.
  • The applicant assumes full responsibility for any infringement of the copyright on the application.

Before ordering

Please search Nagoya University collections by OPAC and Nagoya University electronic Journal DataBase.

How to order

Access the application form:

OPAC: Top left menu
"InterLibrary Copy Request"
"InterLibrary Loan Request"
Enter information of a book / journal / article.
OPAC: Bibliography Details right menu
"ILL Copy Request"
"ILL Lending Request"
The bibliographic information of the book / journal will be entered into the application form.
Search results of databases NULINK
(from the link 'ILL Service')
The bibliographic information of the article will be entered into the application form.

More information


<C> Reservation / Renewal of books


You can reserve books that are checked out. If you make a reservation for a book checked out, you will be able to use it preferentially as soon as it is returned.


You can extend the due date of the book you are currently borrowing.

  • Some libraries do not allow you to extend the due date online.
    Libraries that you can renew the due date online
  • How to apply:
    1. Click "My Account" left of OPAC or log in to Borrowing / ILL records.
    2. In the list, check the box on the left side of the book you want to renew the due date and click the "Renew" button.
  • You cannot renew the due date in the following cases:
    • Books you borrowed through such as handwritten application, not through online system
    • Books that have reached the maximum number of renewals
    • Books reserved by another user
    • During the borrowing prohibition period due to overdue (only for library where borrowing is prohibited)
    • DBooks that cannot be renewed due to usage rules

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