Web Request

*Request services are only for Nagoya University members.


General information

  • Web Request is the library web service only for students and faculty members of Nagoya University.
  • To be able to use the service <A>-<C>, Meidai ID and password is required.
    Details about Meidai ID.
  • Additionally, to use the service <B> at university expenses (Grants from the Government), please register at your departmental library.
    Please look at the service<B> in detail.


<A> Borrowing / ILL records

View Borrowing / ILL records Left menu > Services > Confirmation of use state

You can view details about following services.

  1. Items which you are checking out now.
  2. Status of reservation.
  3. Status of the Interlibrary Loan requests.


<B> Copy order (ILL) & Loan order (ILL)

Make Copy / Loan order (ILL) Left menu > InterLibrary Copy Request / InterLibrary Loan Request

If a book or journal you want is not available in Nagoya University (your campus), you can order copy of an article or book from other libraries.

*Nagoya University Library bears a part of the charge of ILL from April, 2013. For more detail, please see the document (in Japanese).

Before ordering

Please search Nagoya University collections by OPAC and Nagoya University electronic Journal DataBase.

The applicant assumes full responsibility for any infringement of the copyright on the application.

Pick-up library and payment methods

You can order and pick up book/copy through your home library. In some cases, you can also order through Central Libray. About your home library, please refer ILL Service Desk List. Please choose "pick-up library" as listed below.

  • You use university expense : Only your home library
    • When you want to use public research funds such as Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research or a donation, please choose university expense.
    • When you use public expense for the first time, the budget you use should be specified. Input your laboratory or section in 'Note' field on the request form.
  • You use private expense : Your home library or Central Library
  • You want to order from public libraries in Aichi prefecture : Central Library

How to order

Access the application form:

OPAC : Topleft menu
"InterLibrary Copy Request"
"InterLibrary Loan Request"
Enter information of a book/journal/article.
OPAC : Bibliography Detailsright menu
"ILL Copy Request"
"ILL Lending Request"
The bibliographic information of the book/journal will be entered into the application form.
Search results of databasesNULINK
(from the link 'ILL Service')
The bibliographic information of the article will be entered into the application form.

More information


<C> Reservation (for books on loan) / Renewal


You can reserve the books on loan via OPAC.

  • When the book you need is on loan, please click Reservation button.
  • Reservations can be made for the following Libraries(September 2016): Cent Lib, Med, Med Health, Humanities, Education, Economics, Eco Res, Info & Lang,Sci, Eng, Agr, GSID, Info Tech, ECIS, Pharmaceutical Sci
  • You will be informed via E-mail or phone call, when the book is available.
  • You can cancel the reservation from "Borrowing/ILL records" menu of the OPAC.


You can extend the loan period on OPAC.

  • Renewal on the web is available for the books held by following libraries(September 2016):
    Central Lib, Medical Lib, Med Health, Humanities, Education, Economics, Eco Res, Info and Lang, Science, Engineering, Bioagricultural, GSID, ISEE #1, ISEE #2, Pharmaceutical Sci
  • Procedure
    On the left menu of OPAC, click "My Account" button and log in with Nagoya Univ. ID/Password. On the Lending list screen, check the box on the left of a book, click "Renew" button.
  • Books cannot be renewed in the following cases :
    • Borrowed without the library system
    • Already renewed more than upper limit
    • Reserved by the next user
    • Overdue or you have an overdue book
    • You are penalized for the late return


<D> Purchase Recommendation for Central Library

Forms and details about Purchase Recommendation for Central Library

  1. Students
    You can request books for the study book collection (3F Central Library).
  2. Faculty members
    You can recommend the purchase of books for the study book collection (3F Central Library).
    ***Collection policy for the study book.

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