On April 19th, 2016, Nagoya University has established the Nagoya University Open Access Policy that is intended to make scholarly articles authored by the faculty of Nagoya University (co-authored articles included) available to a wider public for free, namely, Open Access. If an article cannot be made Open Access for any reasons such as prior agreements with a publisher, the author of the article is required to apply for an exception (please refer to the “Exception” procedure stipulated below).

Nagoya University Open Access Policy


Articles which fulfil all of the following conditions below are required to be open to the public:

  1. Publication of the article after the establishment of the Nagoya University Open Access Policy (peer-reviewed or not); and
  2. Authored by a faculty member of Nagoya University
※ Of course, a staff who belongs to Nagoya University can use NAGOYA Repository for his/her contributions which are out of range of Open Access Policy as well.


Articles are made Open Access in the following cases:

  1. Publication of the article in an Open Access Journal
  2. Article is open to the public via CiNii, J-STAGE, PMC, or any other academic portal sites.

Articles may be made Open Access through the following methods:

  1. Registering the article at NAGOYA Repository
  2. Paying additional fees for Open Access option (APC) to the publisher
  3. Archiving the article on an external subject repository


Staffs of Nagoya University may refuse to make their authored articles Open Access by sending e-mail to Nagoya University Library.

E-mail Address: ir-submit::nul.nagoya-u.ac.jp (convert :: to @))

(E-mail example)

Subject:Application for exception handling

I hope an exception handling regarding Nagoya University Open Access Policy.
I hope to refuse to make the following article Open Access.
■Article Information■
Journal Title:
■Reasons for application■

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