Science Library, Nagoya University

Access Inquiry

Making copies

There are two copy machines in the Science Library, both for university expense only.
Please refer to the Library Floor MAPpdf for the positions of the copy machines.

Photographing is limited by Copyright Law, and it should be for the purpose of personal study or research. You can only make one copy of a part of the material.

Photocopying (university expense)(Member of School / Grad. School of Science)

It depends on your affiliation whether it is possible to make copies by university expense (Management Expenses Grants).
Please ask at the office of your department (or your laboratory) if you can make copies

Graduate students and faculty can use their Student ID / Staff ID (IC card) as a copy card.

Please fill in "application form for copy services", which are located near the machines and put it in the box placed nearby.

If you don't have your Student ID / Staff ID (IC card), please confirm at your laboratory whether photocopying (university expence) is possible or not and then come to the counter.

*School / Grad. School of Science members...People who belong to School of Science, Graduate School of Science, Graduate School of Mathematics, Graduate School of Environmental Studies and related departments.

Photocopying (university expense)(Other School / Grad. School)

Please ask at the counter.
We will pass you the copy card and the "application forms for copy services".

Photocopying (private expense)

Photocopying library materials using private expenses is not possible in the Science Library. Please borrow or make temporary borrowing materials first, and then use a copy machine outside.