Science Library, Nagoya University

Access Inquiry

For Visitors


Please fill out an application form at the counter.
Please avoid using the library in January, February, July and August due to the exam period. The period follows Central Library.


When you are looking for materials at Nagoya University Libraries, please use the OPAC.
Anyone can access the library materials on the open shelves.
Please put the books back to its original location after use.
(If you don't know where to place them, please come to the counter.)

Please ask at the counter if you want to use the following materials.

【Material type (Service hours)】
・AV materials (within opening hours)
・Doctoral theses(9:00 - 12:00, 13:00 - 17:00)

Some materials are located in the laboratory.
The location of these books are shown as "in laboratory" on the OPAC.
The related dept. holds books which are located in "CGR / Sci Sugashima / KMI / Sci Lab" on the OPAC.
If you want to use these materials, please ask the Science Library by telephone or e-mail, etc..
(In some cases, you can't using the materials.)


  TEL: 052-789-2962
  E-MAIL:  (please change @ to @)

Making copies

You cannot make copies in the library.
Please make a temporary check out materials first, and then use a copy machine outside.
(A personal ID is necessary when making a temporary check out.)
Please make sure of the today's hours and return the materials on that day.


You cannot borrow the materials.


・Please make sure to checkout before taking the materials out of the library.
・You will have to reimburse if you stain, damage or lose materials. Please handle with care.
・Eating, drinkng and smoking are prohibited anywhere in the library.
・There are no lockers. Please keep your valuables in your possession at all times.
・Talking on a cell phone is not allowed in the library.
・Please refrain from any act that becomes an annoyance to other users.