Science Library, Nagoya University

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Borrowing / Returning


When borrowing, please bring your ID card and books to the counter.

AffiliationSchool / Grad. School of ScienceOther School / Grad. School
Material typeMax. numberPeriodMax. numberPeriod
Books for undergraduates5 books14 days2 books14 days
Books for researchers5 books (30 books for graduate students and faculty)3 months2 books14 days
Journals5 books7 days2 books7 days
AV materials5 sets 14 days2 sets 14 days

*The following materials may be used in the library only:
  reference books / newly arrived journals (within the last 10 days) / doctoral theses / maps
  Apart of 'Sci Math Undergrad' materials / Apart of AV materials
  IKENO Bunko / Hilbert Bunko / etc.

*School / Grad. School of Science members...People who belong to School of Science, Graduate School of Science, Graduate School of Mathematics, Graduate School of Environmental Studies and related departments.

*Books for undergraduates and books for researchers are in different location.
  ・Books for undergraduates...The locations are 'Sci Lib Book', 'Sci Lib Textbook', 'Sci Lib Stack' and 'Sci Lib Map' in OPAC.
  ・Books for researchers...The locations are 'Sci Math' and 'Sci Math Undergrad' in OPAC.


Please return the books to the counter during opening hours, or to the book drop during closing days by the due date.
AV materials must be returned to the counter because they are breakable.


You can renew the due date as many times as you need, unless the book has been reserved or overdued.
Please renew at the counter with the books and your ID card.
Renewal is also possible online. Please check here for the details.