e-Learning for using the library

First Guides

  When you first use Nagoya University's library, please read this once.


Library's First Guides

Purpose [Introduction] [Practical] [Advanced]
What is the Nagoya University Library like? Enter the Library
Libraries in Nagoya University
Map of the Libraries in Nagoya University.
Exploring Central Library (April, October)
International student staffs will introduce how to use the Central Library.
Prepare to write a report Writing Reports in the Library

Introduction of equipment useful for report-writing.
Using Library Materials

How to find materials.
Library Guidance and Courses
Please participate in our activities. We are looking forward to seeing you!
Studying at the Library Using Library for Group Study

You can carry out group studies in the Library.
Service Guide

Comprehensive guide to what you can do at the library.
Support to your studies

Graduate student staff provides support to your studies.


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