Assisting page for TAs of First Year Seminar A of the International Programs

TAs of "First Year Seminar A" support the first-year students with information on how to search for materials in library and use library facilities.
TAs hold a lecture/online-tour about “How to Use the Library” for the students in your class after you take "Library guidance for TA of First Year Seminar A".


In this web page, you can find useful materials for teaching them how to use the library and how to search for basic academic information.
You can also use these materials to improve your skills.

Watching Videos & Reporting Holding a recture/online-tour & Reporting Model Course Materials Contact

What to do before the new term starts:

  1. Watching the training video "Library Guidance for TAs of First-Year Seminar A of the International Programs" (Library Guidance) and "Library Tour video".
  2. Reporting via e-mail
  1. "Library Guidance for TAs" is held using video streaming services. Please watch the videos listed below.
    Period: October 1, 2021 (Fri.) – October 12, 2021 (Tue.) * NU ID and password are required.
    * Please make sure in advance that you have enough data to stream the video.
  2. After you finish watching the videos, please send your report to the following e-mail address by deadline.
    【※Attention※】 Your attendance will only be registered when we receive your report.
    • E-mail Address:kenshu
    • Deadline:October 29, 2021 (Fri.)
    • Necessary information:Name, Department, Section/Laboratory


What to do during the term:

  1. Holding a lecture/online-tour about “How to use the Library” for new students in your class.
  2. Reporting on your lecture/online-tour
  1. Holding a lecture/online-tour about “How to use the Library” for First Year Seminar A students according to the contents of the training video. Regarding the date, time, content, and method, please consult with your teacher of First Year Seminar A. Please be sure to include "Library Material Search" and "Library Tour” in your explanation. * Due to the countermeasures against the COVID-19 infections, "Library Tour” should be conducted online in principle.
  2. After you have given the lecture/online-tour to your students, please report to us using the reporting form.
    • How: Fill in and send the reporting form
    • Deadline: end of December, 2021
    • Contents of report:
      Information on conducting or not conducting the lecture:
      In case of conducting --> specify the date and time
      In case of not conducting --> specify the reason
      Contents of the lecture (please select)
      Impression, etc.


"Library Tour with Library Material Search" model course

  • Please consult with your teacher about date and contents.

[Standard] Library Tour with Library Material Search (interactive) [60mins]

[Option] Searching for books and journals - The basics of OPAC Search- [30mins]



  1. Library Guidance Slide (PPTX)
    (* can be used in“Library Tour with Library Material Search” after modifying)
  2. Library Tour Slide (PPTX)
  3. Tour Guide (Map) (PDF)
  4. Searching for books and journals - The basics of OPAC Search (PPTX)
  5. Guide to Nagoya University Central Library [2021](PDF)
    This has been already distributed to the new students. More materials are available at the Reference Counter of Central Library.
  6. Guidesheets
    Sheets containing information on how to use the databases and how to renew due date, etc.
  7. Library's First Guides


About materials on this page

  • The materials on this page and Library Homepage are permitted to be used in your class as part of the TAs' job. Using for other purposes is prohibited.
  • The copyright of materials on this page belongs to Nagoya University Library.
  • Please make the lecture as effective as possible. For example, when you explain about OPAC search, it is effective to use the keywords suiting to your student's research theme.


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