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About EU Information Centres (EUi)

The EU has founded about 500 European Information Centres (EUis), and 100 Depositary Libraries (DEPs) around the world. There are 18 EUis in Japan, all located in universities, and one DEP based at the National Diet Library. These house the body of official publications of the European Union, such as the Official Journal, Treaties, annual report, Bulletin of the EU, statistical publications, all provided by the Publications Office of the European Union.

In 1973, Nagoya University EUi was established in the Economics Library. We can assist users in searching for EU documents. We also organise events during EU-Japan Friendship Week in May-June each year including exhibitions and quizzes.

EUi Guide

EUi Holding Materials

EUi materials can search on NU OPAC (Location: Economics).

Call No. Materials
EU||OJ EU Official Journal
EU||DOC Document
EU-ES Statistics
EU-P Journals
EU-B Books
EU||Cat Catalog
EU-JP Materials related to EU issued by institutions in Japan

EU Networks in Japan

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