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Live Workshops and Guidance   

This is the list of library workshops held on-site and online.
It is good chance to ask questions to the instructor, so please join us.

Target : All undergraduate and graduate students, and faculty of Nagoya University

❖ list of workshops :  Click on the title to see the details. ❖


Hybrid (Face-to-face + Online)

❖ How to access ❖

    Please access the page dedicated to the on-campus from the information of each workshop. (Multi-factor authentication is required.)
  • Zoom
    1. Fill in an application form.
    2. Check if you received a confirmation email from Zoom.
    3. Please enter the room using the URL provided in the email on the day of the event.
  • Teams
    1. Fill in an application form.
    2. Please sign in with the specified Office 365 account.
    3. When it's time to open, please join the URL you received.

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On Demand

Workshops on demand   

The Library Workshops are available on demand now to support a self-study of students.
In these Workshops, students can learn some tips for study and research, and university life.

Target : All undergraduate and graduate students, and faculty of Nagoya University

❖ list of workshops :  Click on the title to see the details. ❖

❖ How to access ❖

  • NUCT(
    1. Click [Membership] after logging in.
    2. Click [Joinable Sites] tab.
    3. Enter the "Search word" or "NU Library" in the search window.
    4. Click "join" below the title.
  • Online
    1. Click the link for the workshop.
    2. Multi-Factor Authentication is necessary in the case of off-campus access.

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Short Sessions by Support Desk  ( in Chinese )


mendeley_c 由中文咨询员企划的文献管理工具『Mendeley』的学习会将被举办。 以「熟练使用Mendeley!」为目标,了解基本的使用方法,并对如何把参考文献列表导入到Word进行实际操作演练。
作为大学院生的中文咨询员将用中文进行认真的指导。 不论文科还是理科,有兴趣的同学请一定来参加。

  • 对 象  : 名古屋大学・岐阜大学在籍生及教职员
    ※ 岐阜大学的成员请通过邀请电子邮件线上参加
  • 时 间  : 2022年6月24日(周五)17:30-19:00
  • 讲解员 :  大学院生咨询员 (工学研究科)
  • 语 言  : 中文
    • 学习交流会内容 : 
    • 关于Mendeley的基本信息
    • 实操演练1 : 注册账户和下载安装Mendeley
    • 基本的使用方法和活用案例介绍
    • 实操演练2 : 参考文献列表的生成
    〈 线下参加 〉
  • 地 点  : 中央图书馆2楼 Seminar Room A
  • 额定人数 : 12人
    ◆ 请准时到场 : 
    • 交流会期间可能需要通过Zoom进行文件传输,请提前报名获取Zoom会议链接。
    • 由于新冠状病毒感染的响应级别发生变化,举办方式和日期可能会发生变化。 如有更改,会在此处登载,请确认好后再参加。
    〈 线上参加 〉
  • 参加工具 : Zoom
  • 报名链接 : 请确认这里的 校内人员专用网页
    ※ 报名需要名大ID和密码以及多重身份验证。
  • 额定人数 : 30人
    ◆ 开始前15分即可进入。
    ◆ 请提前准备好支持Zoom对话功能的笔记本电脑等电子设备以及网络环境。
      ❖ 实操演练所需的准备工作 : 
    • 各自专业的文献的PDF文档(10份左右)
      • 在实操演练2中会用到这些文档。请准备好各自专业的PDF文档,以便生成所需格式的参考文献列表。
      • 如果无法准备文档,咨询员可以通过Zoom会议共享样本文献的文档,请提前安装好Zoom。

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Welcome to NUL (in English)

How to Search for Scholarly Articles  

how to search This workshop explains how to search scholarly articles and use electronic resources (including electronic journals and databases) efficiently.
The workshop materials include the recorded video by English staff and worksheets (with answers and explanations).
Please feel free to use it.

  • For : International students, especially for the freshmen in Nagoya University

    ※ NAGOYA UNIVERSITY ID and PASSWORD are required.

  • Instructor : Support Desk Graduate Student Staff
  • Language: English
〈 On Demand 〉
  • The access to the materials : NUCT  ❖ Search word: Scholarly Articles

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Welcome to NUL (in Chinese)


how to search_c “学术论文的查找方法”线上資料主要针对留学生,特别是对新入学留学生在查找外文文献中常见的问题进行解答。

  • 对象: 本校留学生,特别是新入学的留学生

    ※ 需要名古屋大学的个人账号和密码

  • 讲师: 咨询台 大学院生咨询员
  • 言语: 中文
〈 On Demand 〉
  • 资料获取链接: NUCT  ❖ 搜索词: 论文的查找

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Welcome to NUL  (in English / Chinese / Japanese)

Central Library Tour Online   

library tour online This is a short video on how to use the Central Library.
It is not only for new students, so please take a look to make full and beneficial use of the library's services.

  • For : All undergraduate and graduate students and faculty of Nagoya University
      ※ Nagoya University ID and password are required.
〈 On Demand 〉 ◆ Please make sure in advance that you have enough data to stream the video.

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Welcome to NUL  (in Chinese / English / Japanese)

名古屋大学图书馆导览 Online   

library tour 2021 我们用短视频总结了图书馆的使用方法。

  • 对象:名古屋大学的学部生、大学院生、教职员
       ※ 需要名古屋大学的个人账号和密码
〈 On Demand 〉 ◆ 本导览为视频形式。阅览时会产生流量,请选择合适的网络环境。

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Guidance for Database (in English)


ProQuest2022 ProQuest is a comprehensive research database that covers the fields of natural science, humanities and social sciences. Not only Journal contents but also newspaper contents, reports, dissertations, etc. are useful for research at all levels of researchers for faculty and students.

  • For: All undergraduate and graduate students and faculty of Nagoya University
  • Instructor: Clarivate Training and Consulting Partner
  • Language: English
〈 Online 〉
  • Date: June 15 (Wed), 2022  15:00 - 16:15  ← Ended
  • Format: Zoom    Find detail on the webpage for NU members.
    ◆ Please prepare a PC or tablet that supports Zoom conversation and an Internet environment in advance.
❖ The lecture part of this workshop will be open to the campus.
❖ Try using ProQuest

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Authentication for Workshop

  • When attending our workshop in the Seminar Room or Satellite Lab, it is necessary to bring your Nagoya University ID.
  • When applying for the workshop, it’s better to prepare with your Nagoya University ID and THERS account.
  • When attending our workshop online, it’s better to prepare your Nagoya University ID and THERS account.
If you forget the ID or password and fail to complete the verification, please refer to ICT Services.
Before the first use of student ID, please remember to change your password.

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