Nagoya University Central  Library


Photocopying in the library is permitted only for the purpose of personal study or research. Only a partial copy of library items is permitted within the limits specified by the Copyright Law(*).

(*)Copyright Law : Article 31. (Reproduction in libraries, etc.)
(i) where, in response to the request of a user of a library, etc. and for the purpose of his research or study, such user is furnished with a single reproduction of (a)a part of a work already made public, or (b) in the case of an individual work reproduced in a periodical already published for a considerable period of time, all of such individual work.

Copying with self-service copy machine

There are photocopy machines for use at the university expense as well as private expense.

Before copying, please fill out the ‘Application Form of Copy Services’ located by the photocopy machines, and after filling out the number of copies, place the ‘application form’ in the box provided.

  • Private expense:
    There are two types of photocopy machines: coin-type and Co-op copy card type.
  • University expense:
    Fill out the ‘Copy Card Application Form’ at the Reference/Interlibrary Loan Desk and obtain a Central Library Copy Card (Service hours: Monday-Friday 8:30-17:00) .

Copying other than self-service copy machine

When you need a receipt, use a scanner or microform reader printer, please inquire at the Reference/Interlibrary Loan Desk (Service hours: Monday-Friday 8:30-16:30). The fees for copying are as follows:

Private expense
(Nagoya Univ. students and faculty)
Private expense
University expense
(Only for Nagoya Univ. students and faculty)
Black-and-white copy 20 yen per sheet 35 yen per sheet 12 yen per sheet
Color copy 60 yen per sheet 105 yen per sheet 60 yen per sheet