Nagoya University Central  Library

Returning Books

1. Returning during opening

Resource Type Place Service Hours
Books for Undergraduates
Books for Resachers
Self-checkin machines (2F)
(For Resource Type that cannot be used with the machines, please come to the circulation desk)
[Weekdays] 8:00-22:00
[Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays] 8:45-22:00

※Self-checkout(checkin) machine can be used until 21:50.
Audio-visual materials Circulation desk (2F)

2. Returning while closed

Carefully insert the book(s) into the book drop (return book slot) by the entrance so that the books are not damaged.

[ N O T E ]
  • Please do not put audio-visual materials, language Learning materials, attached materials such as CD-ROMs in the book drop (to prevent damage).
  • The returned books in the book drop will be returned on the next opening day.

3. If the return is delayed... (overdue)

Borrowing will be suspended depending on the number of days delayed. Please strictly observe the due date.

  • The loan period for Books for Undergraduates Books for Resachers can be extended by the renewal procedure.
    However, you can not renew it if the book is overdue or there is a reservation made by anoter user.
  • We will notify you of late return of materials by posting, telephone, e-mail, or mail.