Nagoya University Central  Library

Borrowing Books

  1. Checkout limits and Loan periods
  2. Borrowing
  3. Renewals
  4. Inquiries and reservations for Resources/Materials
  5. Resources that cannot be borrowed

1. Checkout Limits and Loan periods *1

Resouce Type Members of Nagoya University External Users *2
Checkout Limit Loan Period Checkout Limit Loan Period
Books for Undergraduates 10 books 14 days 3 books 14 days
for Resachers 20 books 56 days 5 books 14 days
Audio-visual Materials 5 sets 14 days - -

*1 Long-term borrowing
During the summer and winter holidays, we will lend out books for undergraduates for a long time. (Only for students)
We will inform you on the notice in the library and NUL News on this site.
*2 Borrowing for External users
Registration is required in advance.
» Please read the user guide for External users.


2. Borrowing

Resource Type Required Items Place of Procedure Service Hours
Weekdays Weekends & Holidays
    ・ID card *1
Self-checkout machine *2
Circulation desk
8:00-21:30 *3 8:45-21:30 *3
Audio-visual Materials
Language Learning Materials
    ・ID card *1
Circulation desk 8:45-21:30

*1 ID card
One of the following IC / magnetic cards is required for borrowing.
If you have a paper Student ID, please apply for the issuance of a "Central Library Card" at the Circulation desk (2F).
  • Student ID
  • Staff ID
  • Emeritus professor's card
  • Central Library Card
*2 Self-checkout machine
Self-checkout machines are available for borrowing book(s). Follow the message displayed on the screen.
  • Never use a broken card. --> Please perform procedures such as reissuing.
  • Books without a barcode on the cover cannot be handled. Please come to the circulation desk (2F).
  • If an error message is displayed, or if there is a device failure, please come to the circulation desk (2F).
*3 The Self-checkout machine on the 2nd floor can be used until 21:50.


3. Renewals

  • Resource Type that can be renewed
    • Books for Undergraduates
    • Books for Resachers
    * You can not be renewing if any of the following applies.
    • Books that have reached the maximum number of renewals
    • Books that have passed the return deadline
    • Books reserved by another user
    • Books that cannot be renewed due to usage rules
    • During the borrowing prohibition period due to overdue (only for library where borrowing is prohibited)

  • Renewals *1
    Resource Type University members External users
    Books Books for Undergraduates Up to 2 times Only 1 time
    Books for Resachers Only 1 time Only 1 time
    *1 The new due date will be extended from the "renewal date".

  • Procedure
    • How to apply 1: Apply from the Web
      Please follow the procedure from "My Account" on the left menu of OPAC (online public access catalog).
      » Guide Sheet 6-1E. "Confirmstatus / Renew due date" (pdf)
    • How to apply 2: Apply at the circulation desk
      Please bring your ID card and materials (which you would like to renew) to the circulation desk.

4. Inquiries and reservations for Resources/Materials

  • If you can't find the material you're looking for...
    It may be on loan or used in the library.
    If you search for materials that are on loan using OPAC, "checked out" will be displayed on the holding display screen along with the scheduled return date.
    * Please inquire at the circulation desk for materials that cannot be searched by OPAC.

  • Reservation
    If the materials are on loan, you can apply for a reservation. As soon as the materials are returned, they can be used with priority.
    • How to apply on the Web
      1. Press the reservation button after confirming that the materials in the Central library are on loan with OPAC.
      2. Log in with your THERS Account, enter necessary information such as contact information, and apply.
      3. Confirmation of reservation status / cancellation of reservation can be done from "Confirmation of usage status" on the left frame of OPAC.
        Note: If you check the books of same title (even if the volumes are different) in a reservation, the others will be canceled when the first book is returned. If you want to read the series in order, please make a reservation one by one.
    • Reservation is a service limited to members of Nagoya University and Gifu University.
    • Please request at the circulation desk to receive the reserved books.
    • Up to 5 each for books for undergraduates / resachers / audio-visual materials.

5. Resources that cannot be borrowed

The following resource type cannot be borrowed outside the library. Please use the browsing and copying services in the library.

  • Journals
  • Reference books
  • Rare / semi-Rare books
  • Doctoral theses
  • Microform Resources
  • Newspaper (including reduced-size Newspapers)
  • Reports under Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research in Nagoya University
  • Audio-visual materials (Language resource type, DVDs, and videotapes can be lended)
  • Materials with a "禁帯出" (in-library use only) sticker at employment corners, etc.
  • Official gazettes, Parliamentary Documents, Judicial precedents
  • Other closed stack Resource Type, etc.