Nagoya University Central  Library

Arrangement of Resources

Materials Location (OPAC)
Books Books for Undergraduates
Floor map (3F)
Floor map (2F)
Newly arrived books Cent Lib 3F
Books for undergraduates (Including International Students corner) Cent Lib 3F
Dictionaries (3F) Cent Lib BR
Bunko-style paperbacks / Shinsho-style paperbacks Cent Lib 3FS
Travel guidebooks etc. Cent Lib BR
Books for International Students Cent Lib Intnl
Language Learning materials Cent Lib Lang
ICT related corner Cent Lib ICT
Career corner Cent Lib Career
Reference Books
Floor map (2F)
Floor map (1F)
Catalogs, yearbooks, Encyclopedias and Dictionaries, maps Cent Lib Ref
Catalogs, yearbooks, Encyclopedias and Dictionaries (old edition), maps Cent Lib Ref1F
White papers Cent Lib RefWhite
Abstracting journals, index --> Journals (Back numbers) Cent Lib Journal
Books for Researchers
Floor map (4F)
Floor map (1F)
Humanities (Call No. 000-299, 700-999) Cent Lib 4F
Books for researchers, Collection of Japanese Regional History Cent Lib Region
Books for researchers, Collection of Oriental studies Cent Lib Orient
Bunko / Shinsho-style paperbacks
(1F:Iwanami-bunko, Que sais-je?, Universal-Bibliothek, etc.)
Cent Lib S
Resources in special formats Cent Lib Special
Social / Natural Sciences (Call No. 300-699) Cent Lib 1F
Official gazettes, Parliamentary Documents, Judicial precedents Cent Lib Kanpo
Collection of Teaching and Education Study Cent Lib Teach
Journals Current Journals Scholarly journals Cent Lib Journal
Cent Lib
Publications within Nagoya University (B1F)
Bulletins from other universities
Back numbers Mainly bookbinding journals
Current Major Newspapers
*Major Newspapers(today's issue) --> Cent Lib BR
Cent Lib News
Cent Lib
Book review papers, University newspapers, Non-Japanese Newspapers
Back numbers Newspaper
Reduced edition / Reprinted edition Cent Lib NewsR
Others Audio-visual materials CD, DVD, VHS, LD Cent Lib AV
Reports under Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research Reports under Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research in Nagoya University Cent Lib Kaken
*Doctoral Theses Doctoral Theses of Nagoya University Cent Lib Thesis
*Microform Resources   Cent Lib Micro
*Rare books / Semi-rare books Encyclopedia Britannica (the first published edition), Hobbes Collection, Ito Keisuke Collection, Takagi Family Documents, Jingu Kogakkan Collection, Okaya Collection etc. Cent Lib Rare
Cent Lib Semi-Rare


When you want to use microform resources, please ask at Reference/Interlibrary Loan Desk.
When using the other "*" materials, please ask Circulation Desk.
(Takagi Family Documents: Tue / Wed 9:00-16:30, Prior contact with Nagoya University Library Studies, Others: Weekdays 8:30-17:00)